The Semi-Rising: Sorry, But I Did Not Die; Almost But Not Quite

Hey guys, how’s everybody been? I’ve been sleeping for a long while and I mean it. I went away and have returned late last week. I have done nothing but sleep and eat mostly since then. I cannot tell you yet about my trip because everything is still jumbled up in my mind for I have yet to recover. I really do not take well to lacking sleep and I lacked sleep the entire time I’m away so there you go.

Special thanks to everyone who dropped by while the litter box is decaying and gathering cobwebs too. To everybody who made their wishlists and participated in the All I Want for Christmas Year 3 event, I shall get back to you all this week and post partners on the 30th. I really have a great feeling about this year’s exchange gift. I hope you all are feeling the same.

I finished a book too, prior to leaving: And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie. I will talk about that one too in the coming days, hopefully. I have not touched any other book since then and it’s kind of sad because I feel I’m wasting a lot of time sleeping and eating but I don’t feel like doing anything else. Ugh.

I really want to talk more and I’ve missed you all so but you have to excuse me now. I have to take another nap.

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