Ho, Ho, Ho: It’s Not Really Santa

angry christmas cat

I wish I can tell you the absentee blogging is due to an over busy schedule preparing for the holidays but it is not. Since I returned from Thailand, there are a lot of things that has yet to go right. My lungs for example has been failing me miserably. The asthma attacks return with a fury and I’m most of the time floored. I can’t do much to begin with but now I wake up in the morning and I’m already tired so where can that take me really?

But I miss everybody and I thank you all for dropping by, visiting, and sending me emails. Your words bring me back to the land of the living, that much I can tell you. I hope you are all having a better time? Honestly, I have not started anything Christmasy. I doubt if I can last long in the malls with the crowd filled with allergens and stuff. I know procrastinating about this big holidays is awful. Before I know it, I’m sure I’ll wake up and it’s the 25th already and I have nothing except an enormous number of medications. Ugh. But my penumo said I should feel better in the next three days. Now I’m not sure if she said should or hopefully. Fingers crossed, right? To make things worse, I’ve been diagnosed to be allergic to sprays and inhalers for this condition. Great.

Uhm, what else can I say? Well I’m reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – another classic. I think I’m halfway. I’m not certain but maybe I can finish it within the week. I’m not sure and when you can’t fight trees effectively to get the oxygen that you need, finishing books takes a lower priority, doesn’t it? So enjoy the rest of the week everybody and here is some hugs for all of you from me.

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54 thoughts on “Ho, Ho, Ho: It’s Not Really Santa

    • it’s my first time out of the country and with all these queries i think i’m getting the steam to talk about it in the next few days, thanks to all of you! it’s for a wedding!

    • thank you zezil. for now i’m just glad i’m able to post something. i think i have to return to the pneumo though because i fear i’ experiencing an allergic reaction towards this one medication i’m taking.

          • Yeah. 😦
            I feel so weak at times.
            And I always have my emergency tablets with me in case I get attacked.
            But at least, we support the pharmaceutical industries right? πŸ˜‰

            • i think the worst bit is you just get up in the morning and feel drained already. right now i’m not on any emergency drug but maintenance ones. ugh.

              • I see. (there, there).
                As for me, I wake up on a sunny morning and then BOOM! The excruciating, unforgiving, mocking pain comes.
                And it makes me stay in bed the whole day. Huhuhu

                  • My staples include migraine, hyperacidity and my least favorite, menstrual cramps. 😦 (They sound mild but really, I turn into a beaten veggie when they come…) How about you?

                    • i have migraine and menstrual cramps too. the latter gets me hospitalized if i don’t take medication on time. the migraine i try to control by avoiding triggers. my main problem now is asthma.

                    • Wow! You get hospitalized for menstrual cramps?! Waaaa. That’s crazy painful then!
                      As for me, I just take the maximum dosage, 1000 mg per day so it could numb the pain. Sometimes I just b*rf all day, or cry, or both. Wow. I’m “happy” to know someone who understand my pain. . .
                      Naku, bawal sayo flowers?

                    • yes, last time it was level 10 on pain scale i turned gray already but i lived so plus points right? πŸ˜‰ the perks of being a girl. you might think it’s bad enough you’re getting max dose but try to remember the rest of us who receive IV meds for it. πŸ˜‰

                    • Wow. I didn’t know it could be more painful than that ate! Because you see, whenever I miss taking my med, my gulay, I just roll on the bathroom’s floor and turn white like I’m dying or something and just cry in pain. OMG! That is why I so hate Kim Chiu for telling us to “have a happy period!” Wawawaw! What’s your meds ate?

                    • i have that episode too when i fell at the bath and crawled my way out. think i was in college then. ketorolac IV but that’s for severe pain only. other times oral pain relievers work alright. can’t be dying all the time, can i?

                    • Waaaa. Dolfenal is my best bud! Hahahaha.
                      Ow, the perks of being a girl really. 😦
                      How about hot compress? No coffee/caffeine? Exercise? I heard they all lessen the pain. But meh~ still painful for me though.

                    • dolfenal is for minor pain so i hope that puts your pain into perspective and not feel too bad about it from now on πŸ˜€ i go to the gym and use hot compresses too. i think caffeine is not good because it constricts blood flow which might contribute to the pain. but yea, i’m pretty much useless.

                    • it’s alright. i do drink a lot of coffee but i am also a fan of good old fashioned tea. the ones from thailand are awesome!

                    • What’s the name? πŸ™‚ The only one I drink is the Assam Black Tea. Haha, the guy in the tea shop said it’s the best seller so yeah, I believed him.

                    • oh god i have to check the name out but it’s jasmine tea: it’s floral and soothing. i drank buckets when i was in chom thong, thailand!

                    • as in buckets! i was not able to eat much while i’m there so i compensated with drinking tea. man, i should really get to posting the thailand trip series already!

      • yung posts mo bout thailand is cued? or sadyang hindi lang maganda ang pakiramdam mo para makapagpost ? o nakapagpost ka na, hindi ko lang nabasa? hahaha! dami kong tanong eh nuh?! πŸ˜›

          • hehehe… yep… nung isang linggo pa πŸ™‚ dapat ko na ngang isulat eh, baka mawala sa isip ko…

            buti nga tumapat sa department week namin, kundi, katakot takot na absences ang marks ko. πŸ˜€

            ^^, pahinga and medications and especially TLC para sayo PM! πŸ™‚ para mabilis kang gumaling at mabasa ko na updates πŸ˜›

            • nice! ako naman tinitimpla ko pa yung sasabihin ko πŸ˜† pero eventually maayos ko din yung thailand posts, masyado kasing madaming nangyari eh! salamat leeyo, i’m trying to get by. i hope you are doing well too. πŸ™‚

              • grabe lang… nabasa ko yung palitan niyo ng comments ni ms. zezil. @.@ it’s like, WHOA. Then I was like, REALLY? then i was like, thank God hindi ako masyadong nakakaramdam ng sakit.

                i have a history of asthma and i experience migraine every now and then—being photophobic is my most hated part… so, i was there.. pero yung allergic ka sa medication… menstrual cramps.. grabe! how you defined it… nakakatakot siyang tunay.(parang hindi babae eh noh? :P)

                i’m doing well especially after our trip.. πŸ™‚ i felt happy… and still feels happy πŸ˜†

                IKAW! MAGPAGALING KA AH! πŸ™‚ oxaxa ^^,

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