Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Book Review: Chocolates And A Book, What More Do You Want?

charlie and the chocolate factory book

Book number 42: Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by R. Dahl. This is an ebook I loaded to iBooks prior to the Thailand trip just in case I need something to fill time but turns out, not a single page I turned and gotten to it just now!

What it is: I’m certain you are familiar with this classic children’s book since it’s been adopted in film and theater and for good reason because Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is a good and entertaining read. I’m far from being a kid but I had fun reading it and fantasizing of such a grand place as the chocolate factory of the eccentric Mr. Wonka.

The book is straightforward and moves on and on at a rapid pace. I think the imagery is helped by the fact that I have watched the movie or else my limited mind might not perfectly capture the crazy, out of this world characteristic of the factory and all things therein. The moral of the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is also simple which is be good kids and be good parents. 😀

mr. wonka charlie & the chocolate factory

What I liked about it: Whimsical, colorful, and wildly entertaining, I only spent a few hours finishing this short children’s classic. My favorite character is Mr. Wonka of course. He’s a loony but he’s a great loony. This is something society does not appreciate a lot, if you ask me and this is why there is a lot of things broken with it. On the surface, Mr. Wonka is nothing short of insane but he’s also passionate, a visionary, and the simplistic way he tackles life is just awesome. I wish I can be as free as he is sometimes. Maybe I should eat more chocolate? 😆

The other character I liked is the shopkeeper who helped Charlie get a hold of himself and steer clear of all those people trying to buy the golden ticket off him. That’s a very helpful guy there. I only wish there are more of him existing in the real world who aren’t ready to pounce on others in a snap of a finger.

My favorite line in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is “The thing to remember is that whatever happens, you’ll still have the bar of chocolate.” This is very, very insightful. I also like the one which says, “You mustn’t be too disappointed, my darling, if you don’t find what you’re looking for underneath that wrapper.” I mean, there are only a few people who do not face the world feeling entitled right? Oh, also “However small the chance might be of striking lucky, the chance was there.” This is a great reminder for accomplishing endeavors in everyday life, don’t you agree?

wonka bar chocolate factory book

There is also this fact in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory that I find really hilarious – the name of Mrs. Salt is Angina as in chest pain! Thumbs up for the Oompa-Loompas advocating reading for kids too. I don’t have to tell you these Oompa-Loompas rock right?

What I did not like about it: I can’t believe I’m saying this but I liked Charlie and the Chocolate Factory the movie better than the book! Ugh. I do, sorry. This is because the ending of the movie is more dynamic than what is in the book. In the book, Charlie wins the factory and they all get his family from their rundown house and transfer everybody to the factory and live happily ever after. On the other hand, in the movie, there is this drama that Mr. Wonka forbids Charlie to have contact with his family anymore if he’s to run the factory successfully, plus the back story of Mr. Wonka’s relationship with his father.

Recommended for: I think the new popup book of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory will be a cool gift for your kids this holiday season.

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10 thoughts on “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory Book Review: Chocolates And A Book, What More Do You Want?

    • it’s a children’s book first published in 1964 in the UK. but like i said, i enjoyed the movie more but if i’m a kid i guess i won’t have a problem with the book.

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