WILTT #4: What Magic Happens As The Music Plays

music earphones

It does not take much for you to figure out how lately I’ve been off and during these times, it’s music that keeps me going. Sometimes I will listen to one album for hours on end or rape the repeat button of a song until my mouse gives. Does this happen to you too? How music seems to be the only thing right? To me, this is a funny thing because I’m tone deaf. πŸ˜† I guess as long as I’m only listening and not singing I won’t wreck the effect.

Anyway, here’s my What I Listend To Today list. Do you guys listen to some of the songs that I have been putting up in the past three editions too? I think it’s cool if at one time, without each of us knowing it, we are grooving to the same song and are both riding this awesome wave of sensation brought by the music.

I hope you all have a wonderful day today and I promise I will get to the Thailand post series in the next few days. For now, keep cool as the music plays. πŸ˜‰

What I Listened To Today

1. Progress by The North (Hi, Elaine!)

2. The 400 by The North

3. All We Ever Do is Say Goodbye by John Mayer

4. Perfectly Lonely by John Mayer

5. Parachute by Train

6. Save Me San Francisco by Train

7. Fall From Grace by Markii Stroem

8. Under The Bridge by Mathai

9. The Cave by Mathai

10. Make You Feel My Love by the Brewer Boys

Photo taken from here.

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