WTF (What Thai Food): Home Cooked Meals, Thailand Series Part 1

papaya salad thai food

Finally, I get to cough up my Thailand experience (after an extended depression hangover)  and what better way to start than through food. Whatever kind it is, you can never go wrong with food, correct? I thought about the title last night and I think it’s rad so here I am. I’m a bit rusty so please bear with me but I’ll try my best.

First of all, Thai food is way over my head. When they tell you Thai cuisine is hot and spicy, it is hot and spicy – even the average in heat for them blows my tongue to a million pieces and because of this, I can’t get any other taste or flavor because my poor tongue is numb already. Pretty much, they eat a lot of fish and vegetables, particularly green leaves, lemon grass, coriander, ginger, and lemon – plus papaya salad is everywhere.

spicy thai noodle soup

Still, it is a big challenge eating Thai food and I thank the Lord Mother Goose is there to feed the hungry with good old Filipino faves: adobo, dried fried fish, menudo, and the like. The Thai jasmine tea I stumbled upon is also a big blessing. I literally consumed buckets full and I still do actually; won’t go home without those tea bags on my luggage!

But despite my inability to digest Thai food well, I made up for it by taking a lot of photos so this WTF (What Thai Food) series will be three fold: home cooked Thai food, street food Thai cuisine, and what to eat in Thailand restaurant. It should be fun, I think!

hotel breakfast thailand

So my first Thai meal is… an American breakfast. 😆 It can’t be helped I guess. It’s what they serve on the hotel in Bangkok (BTW, Bangkok and I don’t go well. Three days in Bangkok = Three days AR!) My second meal is from MBK Food Court: some friend chicken and soup. Third is a Thai version of spicy tuna melt from Nok Air on the flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai. This is as much chronology that you can squeeze out of me. The rest is an overwhelming jumble in my head regarding the Thai food I consumed next. Now enough blabbing: photos of home cooked meals I came across in Thailand!

thai food broth

thai minced pork

thai noodle dish

thai food vegetable stir fry

thai food ingredients

simple thai breakfast

We pretty much stayed in the north of Thailand, going back and forth to Chiang Mai and Chom Thong but we resided in this lovely place called Chom Thong Riverside Hotel and Restaurant. It’s a very earthy and natural hotel that reminded of Bohol Bee Farm, only it is way awesome. My favorite spot is at the restaurant overlooking this serene river and in my mind, this is the best place to finish my manuscript (but I can’t be sure since that would mean I have to return alone).

The owner of Chom Thong Riverside is this very hospitable couple that truly made our Thailand stay as comfortable as possible. In the mornings, the husband will cook breakfast for himself and I will snoop around and bother him in the kitchen and steal his food. 😆 But it’s cool. I guess that’s as authentic as Thai food sampling can get!

11 thoughts on “WTF (What Thai Food): Home Cooked Meals, Thailand Series Part 1

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  2. thai food don’t normally come up as my first choice when i decide to eat out. although there was one valentine’s day where we bravely went to a small hole in the wall thai (fusion) place and i got a green curry seafood that was not hot at all, but extremely yummy. other than that dish the only thai i could think of eating is pad thai, but i do hear that they really do pack a heat in their dishes.

    • we stayed in the north and the only seafood i saw there is fried tilapia, the battered prawns, and some slimy squid. the curry you are talking about does sound good! i’m thinking that maybe fusion food is better since it might not come out very strong plus it might tailor to the preferences of the one eating it too same time.

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