Red Zone

red dengue mosquito

Remember when I told you that dengue is a bitch? Turns out, it’s a double bitch. Yesterday on my way to the hospital to catch up with my pulmonologist, we picked up Kulot, my sister, from her school since she got sent to the clinic and the school physician said she has measles and better to go home to not spread the disease to other students. We decided to have her checked up at the hospital too since that’s where I’m going and lo and behold, the freaking rashes are not measles rashes but petechiae – dengue. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

What a year. We opened it up with My Man with dengue and we will close it with Kulot with dengue. For what it’s worth, it has got me blogging again but it does not make the situation less of a fuck.  (Sorry for not following up on the Thailand trip, I’ll gather enough steam then proceed again next time maybe.) To think she will celebrate her 18th birthday in a few, and the holidays are coming next. God forbid we spend both occasions in the hospital. I hate it. I hate this. I just got over a depression spell then here comes another bitch slap. For fuck’s sake.

I guess the only thing we can do now is wait and hope for a speedy recovery.  Still, I am so fucking pissed to the ends of the world.

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12 thoughts on “Red Zone

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  2. Hi, hope she gets better soon! I study dengue and have blogged ( a bit explaining what dengue is and how can be treated etc. I’ve also had family affected by dengue and it’s a bitch, specially when it affects children. All the best!

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  4. Oh, I hope that isn’t serious !!!!!!!!!!!!! My mother told me that my sister got it when we were still living in the Philippines. they thought she had measles, but her fever wouldn’t go down… she was rushed to the hospital.. it was H-fever !

    I hope your sister’s okay.

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