Balanga City Christmas Bazaar And Night Market: Bataan Street Food March

balanga city bataan

This Christmas season, there is nothing I crave more than puto bungbong (a kind of traditional Filipino Christmas food) and there is plenty to go at the Balanga City Christmas Bazaar, plus a whole lot more street food that will definitely make your waistline cringe but your mouth will be happy.

japanese pancakes

Normally, I refuse to get stuck in crowds, and the Balanga City Night Market sure attracts a big one, but it can’t be helped. I crave for puto bungbong and there are tons in this Christmas Bazaar so despite the sea of people and the unforgiving smoke from all the grilling, I’m willing to suffer gladly. BTW, I don’t have a photo of the puto bungbong stall since it’s always packed and there is no way I can get a clear shot!

bataan street food

So shall I give you a tour? Just the street food section alright, since I don’t walk that much for it tires me. I just stay where all the food is, eat my fill, and done! But you know what, I lost 8 lbs already since I returned from Thailand. It can go both ways. Actually, the Blanaga City Night Market reminds me a little of Chiang Mai Walking Street in Chiang Mai City, north of Thailand. Of course, Chiang Mai Walking Street is more grand but the concept is pretty much the same: shops and street food along a stretch of road. NVM, maybe I should just proceed with the Thailand series next week.

bataan food

I remember, there is this show I watch on Nat Geo Adventure, Market Values. This guy travels around the globe, visiting markets for he believes the market is the place to be to get to know a foreign place. I agree. This is another thing I liked about Thailand too, the time we went around the market. It’s always fun to see these new things around and snoop around looking like a moron. πŸ˜†

bataan food balot

shawarma bataan food


street food bataan

balanga city night market

balanga city christmas bazaar

tupeg in balanga city


Enjoy the street food photos from the Balanga City, Bataan Christmas Bazaar and Night Market everyone and have a nice weekend. πŸ™‚

31 thoughts on “Balanga City Christmas Bazaar And Night Market: Bataan Street Food March

    • yes, the thailand stint’s not that long. it’s a great experience though. i’m actually thinking of returning, to redeem thailand πŸ˜† maybe make a side trip if my cambodia plans push through.

      • wow ha, pa-travel travel na lang. kung magbalik ka sa thailand, bisitahin mo ang prominent na golden temple nila, di ko lang matandaan ang name, tagal na kasi ng nakapunta ako doon, then meron din silang famous floating restaurant nag serve ng fresh seafoods, tampok ang kanilang specialty na shark’s fin, pero around 1 1/2 hrs from bangkok city, natatandaan ko nun, dumaan kami sa skyway na pagka-haba-haba, hahaha. at sa pag-uwi lasing si cup, kaya nalimot ang mga pinuntahan. hahahaha.

        • hangover 2 parang ganun? it’s a nice place. we have seen some sites though we primarily stayed in chom thong near chiang mai instead of bangkok. it should be fun to see thailand again for sure. i don’t travel as much as i want to but i’m hoping to make up for it. hopefully around the summer or towards midyear. i’m interested in traveling alone too, just going around and doing whatever. fingers crossed!

          • ako rin before di masyado naka-gala, training kasi ang ipinunta doon, ang maganda lang all expenses paid ng Big Boss. kamusta pala ang klima ngayun dyan sa central luzon, dito kasi sa metro medyo makulimlim, parang nagbabadya ng pag-ulan.

            • nice πŸ™‚ sarap din, libre! weather’s good, warm and sunny pero hindi naman mainit. hopefully it stays that way the entire day pero hindi pa naman talaga summer init. yung sakto lang and i’m kind of enjoying it. i hope the gray skies will not bring you down!

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