Good Morning, Sunshine


I had a most fantastic sleep last night and woke up feeling great. It’s kind of peculiar since I tucked in around midnight. Once up, I went to our terrace, found a lovely sun spot and curled up on the reclining chair with my cats. My eyes closed, my cats on my lap, I can’t help but be thankful for such an awesome morning.Β The sunlight’s soft and warm and the wind’s gentle and promising beautiful things. I cannot actually remember a lovelier morning and I forget what it is I have to complain about with the world. At this point, I can only wish you woke up to such a sunny weather too. (If not, listen to this song and it’ll fix you up nicely.)

BTW, my sister got discharged from the hospital last night too. She’s home and recovering from dengue though later today she has blood tests scheduled. I think being bored to death at the hospital bums her more than having dengue πŸ˜† But she’s pretty much fine and now we are faced with preparing for the holidays in such a rush since it completely slipped our minds once the illness settled in. Actually, with all my asthma issues and doctor trips lately I haven’t been thinking of Christmas a lot then my sister being hospitalized pretty much sealed the deal so now a lot of catching up must be done. Seriously, I hope you’re having a better time preparing for your own Christmas.

What else can I tell you? Oh the other day, my friend has booked tickets for an early trip next year and I’m looking forward to having much fun there. It’s kind of tricky since it’s very near a family event but I can only hope everything will go down smoothly. Fingers crossed! There’s really no telling how these family events go tbh, and if I think of what activities they have in mind and how long it will go, I’ll simply go nuts so I’ll just line up what I want to do and hope for the best. I’m seriously hoping for the best since they can easily squash my plans! πŸ˜† But I haven’t told anybody about my schedule yet so I’m quite good for now. I hope you are too.

16 thoughts on “Good Morning, Sunshine

    • thank you for the empathy. i’m doing well and my sister’s been discharged already. there are several cases here throughout the year. we suspect she got it from her school since there are really a lot of cases around the area. it is also where my man lives so the mosquitoes there can pack a real punch.

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