Something Like This: Lyrics Mania, Ben Rector

ben rector

The past days I’ve been listening to one guy and one guy alone – Ben Rector. The repeat button on my iPhone’s pretty much raped and distressed. 😆 But it can’t be helped. The guy’s amazing – his voice’s soothing, he’s entertaining, his lyrics make sense, he writes his own songs, he plays instruments, and he’s cute too! I think this is a case where music and lyrics marry well and I thank the Lord for stumbling upon the music of Ben Rector since he’s not that popular.

Actually, I find it interesting, how sometimes idiots can easily be popular while the real artists pretty much lay low. Check him out and you’ll see what I mean. I have three of his albums on my phone and there’s nothing else playing inside my head! Normally, I’ll enjoy a few songs in an album but I really like all his songs.

Years back, my sister introduced me to Ben Rector’s music but it’s just recently that I’ve taken notice since I’ve been pretty much getting converted into a music fan lately, if you noticed with all my WILTT posts coming, and I love it completely. And oh, he has a Christmas EP, if you’re into that kind of thing, go check it out.

Like what I mentioned in WILTT #5, I’m a lyrics whore. Here are some of my most favorite lines from Ben Rector. Enjoy and relate! 😀

“Believe me when I say, I thank God I miss you.” – Thank God I Miss You, Songs That Duke Wrote

“‘Cause standing still isn’t easy When the world’s moving backwards.” – Moving Backwards, Into The Morning

“I knew I was fine about this time yesterday. I don’t need answers; I just need some peace.” – When A Heart Breaks, Into The Morning

“I was waiting for you early and then she walked by and whatever I was thinking, it went chasing after her. But I don’t know why.” – Associated, Songs That Duke Wrote

“One more skyline that I’ve seen for the first time, so far from home. Right where I’m supposed to be, though you’re not next to me, I hope it won’t be too long. Late night streetwalker, roaming the road at a quarter to four; Early morning riser, making his way to the corner store. Oh this reminds me, the sun’s gonna rise over you and me.” – Early Morning Riser, Songs That Duke Wrote

“I got scars to prove that I don’t need you but my heart knows that I always do.” – You And Me, Something Like This

All I see is just this sunny weather. All i need is the one I love so Lord please bless me with some time together, and I won’t ask anymore after all.” – After All, Songs That Duke Wrote

“I find I am divided between here and there; and them and you and me. And I know this dream that I am chasing can very well go and be the death of me.” Dance With Me Baby, Into The Morning

“The hardest part was finding you, but once I did I knew.” – The Beat, Into The Morning

“My memory, it works in spite. It’s been remembering more wrong than right. And my heart beats like an anchor filled with the memories that bind my will.” – When She Comes Around, Songs That Duke Wrote

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12 thoughts on “Something Like This: Lyrics Mania, Ben Rector

  1. I had to google him because his name was so familiar but I couldn’t remember where I heard of him. Ayun, sya pala yung kumanta ng White Dress. Yun lang yung kanta nya na nasa phone ko. :p

    I think I should listen to his When A Heart Breaks. 😆

    • i used to like white dress but i kind of changed my mind when i learned it’s a wedding song 😆 download his into the morning album pwede mong sound track ngayon! sometimes when i’m feeling a particular feeling i listen to songs that go along with it. ikaw ba?

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