WILTT #6: Music Tames The Savage Beast

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If there’s one thing I can honestly and accurately say right now, it is the fact that my head is a big scary surf that nobody will want to be in right now, simply because it won’t be great. It’s amazing how stuck and racing it has been lately. Maybe this is just a bizarre kind of melancholy that follows the crest of the holidays; then again it maybe not.

To somehow soothe the chaos, I try to listen to music that’s smooth and sexy. I’m quite certain you’ll agree, music helps a lot in taking you to another place. For me, it stops me from thinking too much and it’s always a great thing. Here’s my first What I Listened to Today post for this year and I hope you guys enjoy it. Have a good weekend. 🙂

What I Listened to Today

1. She Will Be Loved (Live at Home) by Maroon 5

2. Real Good Thing by Marc Broussard

3. It Girl (Cover) by Megan Nicole and Jason Chen

4. Live Like you’re Dying by Lenka

5. Must Get Out by Maroon 5

6. Superman by Joe Brooks

7. Halik (Tower Sessions) by Kamikazee

8. Para Sayo (Inuman Sessions) by Parokya ni Edgar

9. Secret by Maroon 5

10. Pantip by Loso

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18 thoughts on “WILTT #6: Music Tames The Savage Beast

  1. I know 6 out of 10 but my fave is number 3! When I discovered it in youtube, I played it like 352 times until my ears bled. 🙂 And Para sayo, a classic!

    • it’s a wonderful song. yes, para sayo is a classic plus i like the live performance 🙂 did you listen to pantip? the band reminds me of eraserheads!

        • yes it’s thai. i find the concept so fun. the song says he’ll take his new girl to all these places in bangkok but not in pantip plaza because his ex girlfriend has a shop there!

            • it’s hard for me to like songs that i don’t understand but once i learned the lyrics i’m completely sold! plus the way the band engaged the crowd’s so awesome.

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