How I Lost Weight: What To Do To Lose Weight

cat exercising

Okay, so today I wanted to blog but I can’t think of anything worthwhile so let’s just stick to how I lost weight. It’s funny because people normally gain weight during the holiday season but the opposite happened with me and I ended up losing 8 lbs.

It may not be significant since I’m not over weight to begin with, from 108 lbs. I am now down to 100 lbs. (I’m a tiny 5 ft 1), but still you may want to know what to do to lose weight like me and maybe start your own food revolution.

First of all, you know me: I do most things wrong. I’m not overly fond of vegetables and I have a terrible fixation with meat; check out my recipes and it takes half a second to realize how big my sweet tooth probably is.

Cat in Fruit Bowl - A day in the life of Sebastian (photo by Nick Collins)

So what the hell did I do to lose weight? If I’m being completely honest, it started as a natural thing sometime in November. When you are depressed, your appetite becomes depressed too, you know? Of course, I won’t advise anyone to court depression for the sake of losing weight; in fact there are times it’s so easy to binge eat when you’re upset.

When I noticed I’m becoming leaner, it dawned on me that I can pretty much build on this momentum and really lose some weight intentionally and that’s what I did after I get my head sorted out. The first thing I cut back on is rice. This is really drastic as I avoid eating rice completely or if I do, the most is 2 Tbsp. of rice and that’s it.

But don’t go on telling me this is an extreme thing since people from other countries definitely survive without rice in their diet and it’s pretty much just a culture thing and if you have the will to do it, it helps a lot because that’s what how I lost weight pretty much.

With everything else, I still eat them; in fact now I eat tons and tons of fruit! Sweets I eat in moderation as well as potato chips which I love dearly, chocolates too. I make sure I don’t deprive myself or else I’ll feel bad with what I’m doing. Moderation is key and watching portions closely.

cat exercise

Also, I make it a point to eat slowly and get a good feel if my stomach if full already. See the sensation of fullness is delayed, around 30 mins from the brain to the stomach and if you eat fast you tend to overeat and feel crappy about it after. Truth is, you don’t need to eat a lot to survive, you just need to eat enough. Food choices matter too but as I said, I just eat anything I want but not excessively.

If you noticed, there’s no mention of exercise though I’m certain it will markedly help. See I have not returned to the gym since my asthma problems crept up. Subconsciously, I think I’m scared it will trigger an attack, that or I’m just lazy. But I try to walk around… Yeah, right. πŸ™„

Right now, all I want to do is maintain this weight, after all I have been fitted a dress for a wedding I’m attending next month so I don’t really have a choice, do I? πŸ˜† Basically, this is how I lost weight. For those wondering what to do to lose weight, I hope this motivates you to be healthier and happier today.

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34 thoughts on “How I Lost Weight: What To Do To Lose Weight

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  3. That’s amazing! Horrible about the depressed part, but.. honestly I think losing weight is way too hard.. I did hear the thing about rice before, cutting back on rice definitely helps!! For me since university I feel like I can’t stop gaining weight..I even started exercising and eating healthier but I felt like since I started doing that I gained 5 more pounds :/ But reading your blog post makes me want to keep trying ! πŸ™‚

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  6. Geez! How did you lose weight that fast? Wish I’d shed a lil bit more but hopefully I don’t get depressed. Hehe It’s hard to get up and work when you have that feeling. I think reducing rice will work. I’ll try it. Thanks for the tip! I’ve tried avoiding salty foods too and those with starch because you tend to retain more water and that adds weight. Eating slowly, I wish I can do that. We have like square meals, always in a hurry coz we don’t really have much time. I think you did a pretty good job!!! I’ll try your tips. Will let you know if it worked. =D

    • hi, this is pretty much what i did. i wish i can tell you i’m avoiding salty foods but that’s pretty hard. i just eat it but not too much. chocolates i also eat and cake but again not a lot. good luck with your efforts. take it slow and don’t deprive yourself so you feel okay with what you’re doing. let me know how you fair!

  7. I’m also in the process of not eating rice. Just started this week. let’s see if it works. πŸ™‚

    by the way, how often do you weigh yourself? ako kasi everyday. i don’t think that’s advisable. he he!

  8. i was planning to write something like this. You’re already small with 108 lbs. i started to monitor my weight last November and i lost 7lbs in a span of one month. I wanted to lose a few more pounds but holidays were just on the way (Good for you πŸ™‚ ) So, how did you manage to have 2 Tbsp of rice?wala ka talagang major carbs?

    • good on you. i have only 2 Tbsp of rice but i eat pasta and bread but i watch the portions. with these items you don’t need to eat a lot as they are filling. i don’t think banning anything from your diet is smart because you’ll end up craving so i just eat what i want but not binge.

  9. You know what, I actually have lost my appetite for almost everything these past couple of days. I mean, I still finish my meal, but it takes me twice as much time (and effort) to. I remember the time I got depressed when I was in College and I almost didn’t eat at all. Tapos I lost I think about 15 – 20 lbs everybody noticed it. Then I graduated and I was back to eating a lot so yeah.

    • huhulaan ko pa ba kung anong dahilan ng depression na ito? πŸ˜‰ me thinks these things really happen and people get tired but even if such episodes are normal, they should be fleeting then dismissed and we have to get back on our feet because life goes on. i thank you. *bow*

  10. other people react differently to depression. they react the opposite way. i know of people who eat or binge when depressed. i’m more able to consume humongous amounts of food when i’m down in the dumps as when i’m happy.

  11. Hi! How are you? Been a while since I blog-hopped! Sorry about that.

    Anyway, I’ve been trying to eat more white meat (more lean protein) now, and I’m exercising more since last week. Just doing something different in my life starting 2013. Also, I tried to be a pescetarian (eating only fish and veggies) last November 2012… it only lasted a week, but since then I’ve been eating more vegetables than, well, nothing. The ‘pescetarian streak’ was worth it for me. πŸ˜€

    • great to see you here. πŸ™‚ wow, that’s awesome. i do this by eating more tofu. i actually like tofu a lot. but i can’t pe a pescetarian, that’s too limited for me but i’m glad it helped you eat more vegs. idk but i really don’t like vegs much so i try to augment by consuming tons of fruit. me thinks it’ll be better if i add exercise to the mix too but i’m lazy.

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