Side Table Junk

cat on side table

What’s on your side table, the one next to your bed? I figured the stuff lying on it can be a clue to your character or personality, don’t you agree? It will be sure interesting to get to know you through what you have around your side table.

Mine is pretty pathetic really. I have a lot of foil packets of medications, my inhaler, tubes of ointments, a bottle of water, and a plant. My journal is also there, which is very handy since I tend to write before I sleep. Actually, writing is the first and the last thing that I do every damn day. I write on my journal to cap the day, well that is if I don’t stay on the internet up until I drop asleep, then in the morning I also write on my dream journal.

It’s a fantastic idea that I got from Mr. Baker. Every morning I jot down what I dreamed about and sometimes how I felt while I’m dreaming. I started it a few days before the year ended and have been keeping it up. Some dreams I forget once I open my eyes and those that I remember I make sure to catch and put in its proper place. I don’t analyze my dream though, I’m lazy, maybe another time.

Whatever book I’m currently reading also takes a place on my side table. Now it’s Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. I forgot when I started reading this one but I’m halfway now and am moderately amused.

There you go. Here’s my side table junk. Sometimes I have cats on it too. The stuff at my desk are different though and I reckon will take more space to write as everything’s in a pile and jumbled up nicely. Maybe I will do that in another post. Care to share your side table junk?

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9 thoughts on “Side Table Junk

  1. haha sometimes cats 🙂 From your side table it sounds like you’re very sensible/practical! Mine doesn’t have much.. a couple bottle of waters, a cup full of pens/pencils/highlighters, lotion, chapstick, my phone, and a basket containing my DS & GBA games

  2. Unfortunately, I don’t have a table because I live on the top bunk. What I do have is a shelf attached to “my wall” which serves as a make-shift table. 🙂 I always find empty cartons of bear brand milk in it (I drink before I sleep but too lazy to throw the trash, haha), my journal, three books, pen, phone, pony-tail and my tattered dictionary. 🙂

    Sense and Sensibility has been living in my shelf for a year and still, unopened! Moderately amused,hmmm, I think I like that. Will check that book again tonight. 🙂

    • you know what, i’m glad i created this post. it’s like i’m taking a mini tour into everybody’s bedroom! i got sense and sensibility for some weeks before i finally opened it. i have to go slow to understand it really.

      • Enjoyed this post of yours actually. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your table with us. ^^

        Whenever I try reading that book, I fall asleep. And that continued for, erm, a year? Haha. It does require slow reading so we could chew and understand better especially since it’s a classic. Enjoy reading! 🙂

        • thank you and i enjoyed learning about yours too. but my side table is pretty pathetic if you ask me. all the meds can be frustrating to look at sometimes. with wuthering heights i experienced the same thing but with this one, i find that i’m doing okay, not great but at least okay. i’ve not even attempted to devour it really because i’ve read enough classics last year to know better. 😉

  3. when you say what’s on your bedside table, is it ON TOP OF or just on. my bedside table actually has 3 drawers. the first drawer contains pens, hair clips. the second (middle) drawer acts as our medicine cabinet/drawer – decongestants, aspirins, bengay(hahaha), etc. the third (bottom) one contains my journals and souvenirs from trips like coins, money, stubs, tickets to museums or attractions, etc.

    ON TOP of my bedside table usually has a little pot that I used to hold my hair clips, the landline phone is there too, and some junk most of the time. My eye glasses go there when I take them off to sleep. Emma my cat would push all those out of the way when she needs to be fed at 5 am and I don’t get up.

    so what does all the junk on my bedside table mean? 🙂

  4. my computer (working) table is right beside my bed. so there’s my laptop, pen holders, post its, card holders. 🙂

    i envy you. you have all the time in the world to jot down your dreams. i’m too lazy to write on journals.

    • it doesn’t bother you, scud, your work stuff near your bed? i think there comes a time when you want to use journals and should not force it if you don’t feel like doing it. great to hear from you! 🙂

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