For The Latest Medical Bulletin And Stupid Health News

cat and medication

You know what sucks more than getting bad news over your latest medical bulletin? It’s getting bad news when you think you deserve to get good news regarding your latest medical bulletin. Jesus, I’m beyond upset.

I really thought I’m getting better. Turns out, I’ve gone worse! I’m quite pissed yesterday when I found out so I deferred blogging about it to avoid a repeat of my glorious delivery of the dengue health news involving my sister last month.

Briefly, I visited my pulmo yesterday and her reaction upon seeing me through the door should be enough a sign. She pretty much jumped and made a face palm, double face palm at that. I frustrate her, my pulmo, really. She’s always anxious to see me, she said, because I’m quite the experiment.

At the end of my checkup, I was given more medication than before; yep, another back and forth on the prescription pad – drug stores must love me, can you imagine? I feel 71 years old every after meal when I take out all my pills tbh, and I have an inhaler to boot! It’s so fucking incredible.

Actually, Mother Goose is also ill. She has the flu apart from a recent diagnosis of non alcoholic fatty liver and just earlier we had a, guess what, dengue scare. I flipped out horribly when I saw rashes all over her, but fortunately she’s dengue negative with the blood tests today. I swear if we get another dengue case this early I’m going to have to fucking break something.

So yes, I guess that’s it for this session of our latest medical bulletin and health news. I will update you next month; that’s if I gel well with my fresh batch of medications; otherwise we’ll talk about it again next week. Ain’t life grand?

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10 thoughts on “For The Latest Medical Bulletin And Stupid Health News

    • better take care then. yes, there could’ve been better starts to this new year but the good news is mother goose is all well now so that should be a cause for some positive vibes. πŸ™‚

  1. get well PM—the soonest… πŸ™‚ are you, in any way, engaging yourself in some sports or any activity tho you have prescriptions?

    • thank you, leeyo, appreciate it much. i actually got a telling from my pulmo about that. since i know i tire damn easy, i adjust my activities to avoid any attack but my pulmo said i should continue doing my normal daily activities because that’s the only way i know if i’m getting better! i hope you are in a better state btw.

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