Mystery: The One That Got Away

sad couple

When I find a song that I like, I play it over and over again until I hate it. I’m sure I’m not the only one, but consuming one thing excessively until I get sick of it is something I truly do, in fact not just in music but with many other things. The past days, I’ve been listening to I Got You by Train, and for no apparent reason, the first verse struck me most unlike any other time:

Hey/ Did you hear about the one that got away/ They say he looked left/ 
She turned right/ Meant to be together but not that night/ 
It’s when fates Running late/ We tend to make mistakes./

I think that’s a fantastic lyric! Lately, I find myself listening to songs made from brilliant song writing and often I find myself wishing I’m the one who wrote those lines. With this one, it made me appreciate the mystery and allure of the one that got away. I mean, it’s human nature, you want the one which cannot be yours. There is a restless longing, a dark secret in the far recesses of the mind, never forgotten but constantly repressed to honor whatever love is in the present.

I’m assuming, there is always that thought at the back of one’s mind about what if, regarding the one that got away, because it will never be answered! That’s brilliant, I think, in terms of depth of emotion because there is a lasting curiosity, pang on the chest optional.

Then again, I pause to wonder: if people are supposed to have made the right decision in terms of matters of the heart, why the hell will a character such as the one that got away exist? I have no clue as to the answer to this question, do you?

Maybe it’s because some people are meant to love each other but not necessarily be together. Maybe it’s because some people are too afraid to take that extra step and have a free fall. Maybe it’s because some people lack conviction to chase after what they want. Or maybe, some people are just content with being stupid. But I wouldn’t know, would I?

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29 thoughts on “Mystery: The One That Got Away

  1. wow great post! I’m a Train fan too, one of the real artist in the music industry.

    fantastic ending! but maybe some people find it’s not worth chasing now that they believe there’s a proper time for that.

    • train’s music is so refreshing. they write killer songs too. hmm.. yes, maybe some think that way. oh well, with everything, it is always too late.

  2. i think they’re there to make you appreciate the good things in life. i mean, they might not have been the real deal, but they still made you feel a lot of things, especially the kilig. 🙂

    i wrote about mine, one of the ones that got away (since i had a lot).

    and there are other songs about this! check out Pink and Katy Perry’s, both songs have the same title: The One That Got Away.

  3. I am not sure if I should be deeply affected by the subject matter especially since someone [recently] *got away* from my life, or I got away from his? (Or both).

    I love this line “There is a restless longing, a dark secret in the far recesses of the mind, never forgotten but constantly repressed to honor whatever love is in the present.”. Constantly repressed, I could not agree more.

    • and how are you feeling about this recent changes in your life? it’s truly fascinating for me, this concept, for can it be qualified as being disloyal to whoever one is engaged with at present, if the one that got away is figuratively, a thing of the past. or is it?

      • Short answer would be, relief I guess? Haha. Sure I want it, but I can’t have it, so leave it-says my practical self, and that I did. So I should be relieved. My self is just slow on the uptake. 🙂

        • my friend once told me that a good measure of right decisions is a light feeling once you’ve done it. i hope you felt better after walking out of the relationship or non relationship as the case may be.

          • I’d like to think I did, I had an 11 hour sleep right after it. Haha. I guess the thing I have to focus on right now is to just stand firm and have no regrets. Gah~ glad music could say these things for us.

            • i’m right behind you in your quest to stand firm. you can do it! just a thought: but by calling someone the one that got away exactly that, doesn’t it signify regret? i don’t know the answer entirely; maybe to an extent there is regret. but maybe that’s how life rolls really. it all goes down to the fact that shit happens all the time and we have to live with it! 😆

              • In my case, there is indeed a degree of regret in it but what could I do? Either way has consequences. I chose this so I just have to deal with/suffer whatever ramification this offers. If I chose otherwise, still, ramifications.

                Maybe you’re right, that’s how life rolls, so let’s roll with it, in the dee—-eepp. You had my heart and say to yo—-sorry, got carried away. 😉

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