WILTT #7: Of Water Color Stains And Indulging Melancholy

cats drinking tea

I’m feeling slightly melancholic today, despite of a most lovely start to my morning. The weather’s fantastic btw, there’s sun but the wind’s liberal and I enjoy it most; coupled with a wonderful breakfast of mini cheesy bacon sandwiches (yes, even in the middle of weight loss stuff :wink:), a cup of peach mango jelly and yogurt, and coffee. I actually wanted to have a banana but I’m so full already.

But yes, I’m still feeling melancholy and it may or may not be related to hormones or my episode of shortness of breath. Nevertheless, I’m certain this is a fleeting experience and I will be better in a few hours or maybe until tomorrow. For now, I wish to indulge this melancholy with music and maybe a chocolate bar later in the day. Please enjoy What I Listened to Today.

What I Listened to Today: Of Water Color Stains And Indulging Melancholy  

1. Fortune Teller by Maroon 5

2. Ordinary People by Mathai

3. Going Home by Marc Broussard

4. Half of my Heart by John Mayer

5. Para Sayo (Cover) by Yeng Constantino

6. Bring Me Down by Lenka

7. Pag Ayaw mo na by Yeng Constantino

8. If (Cover) by Bamboo

9. Backlines by Stars

10. Dear Lonely by Zia Quizon

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