Friend Zone: The Words You Hate To Hear

boy giving heart to girl

My friend told me last week I’m a killer when it comes to placing guys on the dreaded friend zone; in fact, he said it with so much conviction it made me laugh so much I even made it a status on Facebook (hey guys, Prinsesa’s Anatomy is on Facebook too, Like it!). But you know what, I think the moment you meet a person, there is this immediate, almost automatic and subconscious, action of sorting him out, like whether there is a spark or not, in which if it is the latter, it is the friend zone directly.

I don’t think it takes much to know if you like, like a person in that way or otherwise. It’s like an instinct, I think, attraction of the sexes. You just know. However, I’m not taking out the possibility of developing unexpected feelings for someone you friend zoned too as the case may be in some instances. I’ve seen stories where guys rise up from the friend zone and get the girl. 😉

Turning the concept of friend zone back and forth in my mind, I figured that being in friend zone must suck more than actually getting the straightforward basted or rejection. At least when you get basted or rejected, it may mean you have actually gone to the point of doing something about your feelings whereas if you get friend zoned, the only thing you have done is breathe yet you’re already counted out. You did not even get a chance to make a fool of yourself, how unfair!

friend zone

But here’s an interesting bit, my friend said it is only girls who can place guy on the friend zone, in which I strongly disagree. Guys sort out girls in as much as girls do it. Maybe it is just that the girls have more power when it comes to directing where an actual relationship goes, but regarding the beginning, it takes two and both have a choice on whether or not to recognize the potential of a person.

Now you all know I have been with the same person for an eternity, and this may be the reason why my friend says I’m lethal with picking guys and lining them up on the friend zone. But actually, I don’t mind being friends or being close with others who I know like me in that way.  Well, it’s a fact I’m kind of insensitive to these things, as my friend points out too, but it’s really okay. I like them too anyway, as friends.

I’m trying to remember a time when I got friend zoned but it seems I can’t really recall anything worth telling. Maybe because it is normally never my concern if anyone likes me or not. How about you? Do you have horror stories regarding the friend zone? Share!

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31 thoughts on “Friend Zone: The Words You Hate To Hear

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  2. I’ve never experienced being friendzoned, so I don’t know how it feels. Oh, and I’ve never friendzoned guys either., Either they leave , or they don;t give up.

    I don’t know…. I never believe that a man and a woman can ever be bestfriends. There’s always that ” tension” that somehow, sometime, something’s going to snap. Does that make sense?

    • i understand what you’re saying. some people are not sold on the existence of platonic relationships. while it’s easy to say you’ll never date a person, circumstances can change with time and we never really know for we are but slaves of what tomorrow will bring, aren’t we? 😉

      • And the fact that there’s already mutual liking of personality really counts for something, doesn’t it? I mean, we won’t be really ” friends ” with someone obnoxious, right? Or someone whose personality repulses us. I don’t know…. just my opinion.

        • yes, i understand. but i do know there are friends of mine that i’ll never date. well i don’t want to say never but the chances of the poles switching is greater than me dating them. 😆

  3. i believe boys are easily convinced to “see a girl differently” even though the girl has been placed on the friend zone initially. with girls this can happen too, although very rarely. with personal experience i can totally say that once i meet a guy i have already put a label on him that first meeting. if he got the tag of “friend” he will not get rid of that tag no matter what. i’ve never fallen in crush with a friend of mine. alternatively, i’ve become friends with crushes of mine.

    i remember i wrote about this “friend” here:

    • pareho tayo, i tend to do the same thing pero it’s not that stiff, di ko rin naman masasabi ang ihip ng hangin baka magbago pero so far wala pa namang instance na ganun. wala din akong problema maging kaibigan ng crush ko nung bata ako kasi ngayon parang di na uso sa mundo ko yung crush eh mental relationship na agad sa celebrity crushes 😆

  4. Ugh I feel that guys are so whiny with their “friend zone” complaint! I think guys also probably do it with girls too, although they might not want to be friends with a girl if they weren’t interested in the first place? Just a thought but I think girls are more interested in having friends sometimes.. Personally, I don’t have many guy friends–actually I think I have none right now, I lost touch with the few I had.. Anyway a long time ago I did have the guy I liked say that we were friends, and that time I was actually very touched and honored that he said that, mainly because we didn’t really talk that much.. so I was happy he considered us as friends. Back then, friend zone wasn’t even a thing haha!

    • whiny, yes, it kind of sounds like that. but i think these things happen because you know, we don’t always tend to like the people who likes us and vice versa. maybe that’s why it’s always nice when two people feel the same at once!

    • of course there is nothing like good friendship but then there always come a time when one looks for that “much more”. the question is, can those in the friend zone cross over or is it a hopeless case? and how did they get there in the first place? it is always interesting to think about these things. 🙂

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