The Mysterious Remnants Of The Vanishing Letters

floating letters

What are words? They are just letters put together, random stuff from the alphabet that explains other random things. There is never a shortage of words, for they are most needed. But words are just words, until you mean them.

Hmm… with this, it’s funny, because words never ever mean exactly the same to anybody. There is always that personal judgment and liberty to how words will mean, to how they will be understood. For one word may mean a whole new world to another; for one word may mean nothing to everybody and everything to somebody. A very curious thing, don’t you agree?

I like words. I’ve always found myself at home with them, and now it occurs to me, even if they can be the most literal thing on the planet, the most obvious, and the most known, in truth, words are mysterious for their true form and weight is impossible to fathom. There can be one word and from it comes a thousand interpretations from a thousand of people who takes a bite off them. A word may even cease to exist yet its aftereffects may still reverberate across the galaxy.

What are words? What can they mean?Β It’s incredible when you think about it, and most days, I think people make the mistake of using words to communicate and relate yet end up with the exact opposite, for the words don’t cooperate and somehow don’t come out right, or sometimes put their foot down and decide to not come out at all!

So what’s the deal? I guess, it is the fact that even though words are just words, even if you strip letters and erase them for good, the feeling remains. In the same way, it should be remembered not to trust words completely, because this feeling is relative, almost always over or under what is comprehended. It’s a tricky thing, words; but I won’t say anymore.

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32 thoughts on “The Mysterious Remnants Of The Vanishing Letters

    • nope, it’s totally true but definitely hard to do. sometimes the brain-mouth filter breaks and words are out there and there’s no way to take them back!

  1. It’s only words…(remember Boyzone’s song?)

    Hmmm sometimes nagkakaroon ng meaning ang words depending sa paano iaccept ng receiver of the message. =) So be careful in our choice of words din.

    PM im back in blogging. ok n ulit ung dotcom ko. Happy and eager n ulit magblog… and play with the words! =0

    • sa tingin ko mas cautious ako sa pagtanggap ng words kasi pagbitaw πŸ˜† kasi at least pag sakin galing alam ko ang ibig kong sabihin talaga diba. ayon o, ayos! maligayang pagbabalik!

  2. I remember this thing my friend said, “You are your words’ master until you utter them.” She shared this when we were talking about making promises or declarations. The “words” won’t hurt, control you while you keep them in your head but once spilled, they get a hold of you.

    They’re really mysterious, these words.
    I wonder if lawyers still find words enjoyable, I mean like us “normal” people. Haha, because for them it seems like words lost its aesthetics. It should always be calculated. Just imagine whenever they indicate something “…we have 3, spelled as three, evidence showing that…”

    Anyway, I enjoyed this post. Check out Akeelah and the Bee (movie) if you have time. πŸ™‚ It’s an awesome movie about words.

    • sometimes i find it unfair, when people take offense with your words when you really did not mean it like that. but it can’t be helped, can it? hmm… personally i don’t like it when words are reduced to technicalities. i find it silly actually.

      • True. They sort of lose their “innocence” if taken too seriously?

        And then the tone, how you delivered the words. Aside from the various meanings the word say, things get more complicated if you factor in the way the person said it.

        • oo totoo yan pero ang pinaka epic yung ikaw mismo yung nagbibigay ng meaning. madalas akong napapahamak dahil dito kasi hindi talaga ako assuming yung minsan insensitive na daw tulad nga ng friend zone post ko πŸ˜† patay malisya kasi ako sadya eh.

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