Coffee Break: My Kind Of Coffee Quiz

cute coffee art panda

This coffee break is brought to you by the lovely gentleman naughtynefarious. I’ve mentioned this before I think, I love memes for they give me something to blog about without me having to flex the curls of my brain as much. Similarly, this post is the kind of coffee that will be interesting to two of my friends, Zezil and Pot, one being a lover of coffee and the other a hater. So shall we have a go at the questions? Let’s see…


I want to say between two to four but the real answer depends on how much writing and reading work I have for a day then the number can decrease or increase unceremoniously. Have you ever wondered why a cup of hot something is the perfect match for writing or reading? It’s an amazing thing that just occurred to me, as I cannot imagine myself diving into my most beloved words with a glass of soda. I can imagine me with Nutella, but not with soda.


It shocks me, knowing other people take coffee other than orally. 😆 I like my coffee with the fixins though I try not to get a whole lot from the shops, not very healthy!

book and coffee


The best cup of coffee is the one made for me with the most love that it is not just coffee but an extension of a kind affection. 😉 I’m joking, of course. I’m not a loyal coffee drinker as I take to tea a lot like an old lady would, but there’s this coffee called Heaven’s Mocha from a corner coffee shop in the city that I happen to like and consume with every visit. It’s always best to have it with a book in tow over lazy, quiet weekends.


This is hard, because coffee is coffee, you know? Hmm… maybe the one in The Cordilleras, the first one I had early morning near the bus terminal. I’m freezing like fuck and the coffee proved to be disgusting but I had no choice but to revel in it.


Would it be sacrilegious to say I don’t have a printed mug? I actually take my coffee on a white tea cup, yes, with the tiny green flowers around the rim. But if I have a favorite mug, I imagine it saying “Stop the coffee break and get to back work, you lazy fuck” or “You can’t live on coffee alone“.

old coffee shop


Definitely in a mug and not thrown at me. 😆 With milk and sugar. I like making coffee for others, mind you. If I can, I avoid getting the ones from the coffee chains as one cup can pack a serious group of calories. I’d rather eat my calories than drink them, thank you very much.


I’m impressed actually, to learn that naughty nefarious remembers when he has had his first cup. I’d be lucky to remember when I had my last one! But what I know is that I’m never a big fan of coffee to begin with and the love affair started in college when I took to writing seriously.


Yes, several times in fact, and I’m keen on having more; and as I’m not required to say with whom, this is where I stop typing and simply smile. 😉

Photos taken from here, here, and here.

29 thoughts on “Coffee Break: My Kind Of Coffee Quiz

  1. the best coffee for me is yung LIBRE, walang makakapantay sa libreng kape. coffee lover din ako. libre mo ako minsan ha.

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  3. WHAT WAS YOUR BEST CUP OF COFFEE? Latte at Starbucks in Glorietta, during my Oathtaking. syempre libre yung diner at kape later. hehe
    WHAT WAS YOUR WORST CUP OF COFFEE? first try at kapeng barako. di kiniya ng powers ko hehe.
    WHAT DOES YOUR FAVORITE MUG SAY? ahm Nescafe, yung lang nakalagay sa red mug ko eh.
    HOW DO YOU TAKE YOUR COFFEE? syempre with hot kumukong tubig. angherap kaya kainin noh. hehe
    WHEN DID YOU HAVE YOUR FIRST CUP? my first night in my CPA review. napilitian. haha
    HAVE YOU EVER GONE ON A COFFEE DATE? hindi, pero gusto kong itry yan sa Vietnam! i heard they have the best coffee there. 😀

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      • I was really dependent on coffee back when I was working as a nurse (shifting, nursing shenanigans) and I almost felt like what you’ve said. Hahaha, you’re welcome. 🙂

        • my sister is in med school and has a love hate relationship with coffee. sometimes she consumes too much it makes her tummy hurt or hands to tremble!

  5. I have this love hate relationship with coffee. Sometimes, I love it. Most of the time, I don’t 😀 I just take coffee every time I am having head aches in the office. They say that it relaxes the nerves. 😀

    • as long as there is love in the equation then that’s alright! i’m very happy to hear from you. how are you doing now? i’ e watched life of pi over the weekend too with my man. it was fun. 🙂

  6. Awwww. Thanks for calling me your friend. Hihihihi. I do love coffee! Nahalata pala 😉 Enjoyed this post. The only blog post I caught of today, too much work in the office but yay for this one!

    What about the Cordillera coffee? Anung lasa?

    • you’re such a sweetheart. 🙂 yes, your love for coffee did not go unnoticed. the coffee in the cordilleras is diluted so it did not go down well though this is not to say all coffee i had there isn’t good. just perhaps the one from that place. i was heavily medicated at that time too so you can imagine the need and my disappointment once the coffee went down the chute.

  7. Your answers were really awesome! Oh, and thanks for that ‘lovely gentleman’ comment at the start. Think I might use that as a pick up line one day; ‘hey, I’m a lovely gentleman…’ – shame it isn’t true. Also, it’s a good thing to you that you like memes. I get one every few months or so and usually don’t know who to send them to, so from now on I’ll simply hurl them in your direction. Cheers!

    • i laughed at the part where you said too bad it isn’t true. well if anybody questions you about it feel free to direct them to this post for contextual evidence on you being the lovely gentleman that you are. go ahead, i don’t mind at all as it’s one less thing to think about, savvy. 🙂

  8. hindi naman ako hater ng coffee… hindi lang ako palainom kasi nga iba ang epekto sa puso ko.. hihihi.. ang hirap nitong mga tanong dito ah.. madali lang siya pero ang hirap isipin yung details ng bawat events… buti at naaalala mo pa… at naglaway ako nung sinabi mo ang nutella.. *drool*

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