Leave Movie Tickets, Bring Popcorn

cat and popcorn

A conversation last night with my Canadian Uncle Tito Bobot (I call him St. Pierre 🙂 ):

TB: Have you seen Django, the new version?

PM: No.

TB: Have you seen the James Bond movie? Star… Skyfall?

PM: No.

TB: You don’t go much to the movies, do you?

PM: Not overly fond; they’re long.

TB: You know, one of these days, that novel you’re writing will end up in a movie.

PM: Still not going to watch it. 😆 😆 😆

13 thoughts on “Leave Movie Tickets, Bring Popcorn

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  4. Don’t know if this post was intended to be funny, but I found it quite enjoyable. I totally agree with you about not going to the cinema to see your own novel turned into a film, but perhaps for a completely different reason. By the time Hollywood have got their claws into it and you see it at the cinema you’d probably end up wondering what it was that you were watching, since almost everything would be unrecognisable from all of the alterations they would have made.
    Also, good luck writing the novel. Perhaps we should make a deal – if either of us ever happens to own a publishing house and the other person is still yet to find a publisher, then that person’s text is the first book published, Deal?

    • every moment with my uncle is hilarious. he’s the best! yes, when i watch film adaptations i find it’s quite hard to get satisfied after reading the book. but it’s hardly about my book getting published or made into film. it’s just about me not enjoying movies. 😆 yes, thank you. we can do that. done deal. 😉

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