Online Communication: Connected Or Disconnected?


I read this article regarding communication for real.  Briefly, it’s about the writer explaining the importance of face to face communication that majority has forgotten or avoided, all thanks to the internet and many devices that connects to it. He says because of the means for online communication, people don’t feel the need to reach out in real time and more conveniently shuns the opportunity, probably the matching anxiety, to do so too.

While I understand the benefits of real time communication, say locking of gazes, heart stopping smiles, and possibly rolling eyes too, I tend to have a deep appreciation for online communication. I was actually talking about this to a friend a few weeks back. We were questioning the merits of a connection made online and was asking if the feelings associated with such connections can be trusted since there is no physical association.

Thinking about it, online communication is weird because there is no body, all thoughts. There is a great deal that can be disclosed or otherwise and there is no telling if the words match the actual activities of a person. But being an active person in this third space, I find that there are advantages to this mode of communication too.

cat on laptop

For instance, I find it easier to open up and eventually reach out and connect to another through writing. My social skills can be hell challenged so to me, modes of online communication help ease up my guard tremendously and allow me to let people in and even more so than those around or near me. This is something very evident in my blog. Actually, I feel I know some blog friends of mine better than others around me as with my blog friends I know their thoughts and to know them is to care for them, isn’t it?

Which brings us to the more important point: are connections made online real? I have some reservations but I think there’s enough merit on online ties. I’d like to believe that it is not the medium that determines the genuineness of  a connection but the openness and honesty that went through it.

It’s important to test this bond in real time though as nothing beats being one in spirit and presence, as the song goes, “Talk and talk is not just talk. Being there is half the walk.” But in terms of the worth of online communications, it has its perks and when harnessed in the right way can build beautiful bridges. It has its dangers and trust may be an issue but these things take time to settle and can be settled eventually.

I guess the best thing to do is have a good balance between relationships in real time and those made through online communication. Best of both worlds, right? Not a bad idea at all.

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20 thoughts on “Online Communication: Connected Or Disconnected?

  1. online na ako since 1999.. at matanda na pala ako.. ehehehehe.. i had my shares of horror stories.. but as much as possible, i like to meet my online friends… call me “old” fashioned pero iba pa rin kasi kapag kaharap mo..

    may communication pa rin kami ng ibang online friends ko and some are really dear to me.. pero yun nga, balance lang..

  2. Lately, mas naging mas virtual na lang din ang communication ko sa aking mga kaibigan at sa mga tao. well dala na rin ng bagong lifestyle at bagong kaabalahan sa buhay. Parehong may perks yung online and offline sosyalan sa akin. i think yung iba, mas malakas pa nga ang loob magsabi ng totoo pag hindi harapan.

    off topic: salamat nga pala sa intention mo na sumali sa aking pa-contest. hindi talaga ako makapag-blog hopping nang bongga dahil sa offline kabagayan ko. hehehe

    Hihintayin ko ang iyong entry at maraming salamat sa iyong pagsuporta& pagbisita sa akin mga blog.


  3. Coin has two sides, as they say. hmmm:)
    As much as I love my blood and flesh friends, I love also those I have met online. I am not against with connecting people and building friendship online. But I still wanted to see them. We have to admit that it’s different to have them in flesh. i even wanted to see you and the others. Lol.

  4. I’m on the fence on this one….. well, that is, as far as interactions between online friends of different genders are concerned. I have female online friends whom I have bonded with, to the point that we have given each other ” gifts”, and have sent birthday cards, holiday cards, etc. ( even flowers on my birthday ) . It’s really great we’ve become like BFFs despite the distance. I’m not sure about male online friends though. I’ve heard of so many horror stories about online relationships between a man and a woman.

    By the way, I still want to receive Christmas cards. ( and want to read real books )

    • i love all my blog friends too and is simply amazed at the connection we’ve made. romantic stuff though, i think online communications and relationships based solely on the third space has its limitations and the best thing to do is test it as mentioned by giving it a try with some sort of physical association. again it’s about a build up of trust me thinks.

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