Bad Poetry Weekend #2: Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It

reading a book

Sorry guys but I’m afraid it’s Bad Poetry Weekend once again. I’m off to a wedding today (in a purple bridesmaid dress at that) then I plan to see some friends. I’m pretty excited and it should be fun. How about you, what are your weekend plans? I sure hope whatever it is, it will bring you happiness and peace of mind just as I hope mine would.

So, this is not inspired by a song like last time’s hideous piece. I just woke up last Wednesday at dawn and felt some words mysteriously coming to me and I had to take out my iPhone and take a note at a God forbidden time. I have not edited this as it came though so please forgive me for torturing you once more. I don’t even know why I’m writing these things but still tell me what you think and how you relate; bashers welcome too. 😆

drowning male and female


Food spoils atrociously and leaves fall and rot
Glasses break to thousands and iron just rusts
Fresh to withered everything goes unceremonious
A time to die scheduled, lingering in the moors.

Tires they blow or get exhausted and fade
Flowers turn brown, petals shrink and escape
A lonely end done waiting, finally taking revenge
Time always triumphs; don’t fight. Is it fate?

Just like the spark between you and I
Magical then gone or did we loose it somehow?
Where to go, what to do to excite, inspire?
My miracle has fled too soon, too fast.

Photos taken from here.

32 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Weekend #2: Hold On When You Get Love And Let Go When You Give It

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            • yes and my friend told me something special and i believe in it and i’m sharing it with you: he said that things have a way of turning out for the best so whatever happens, in the end it’s all going to be okay.

                • i think he’s mostly insane but this shit from him i actually believe 😆 i haven’t checked that playbook. is it a band or something? tell me a song and i’ll check it out. are they your favorite or something?

                  • It’s a movie. Oscars-nominated. Starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence. Watch it, great plot and great acting! And sa pagbbrowse sa site, I figured, you like reading books. The movie is actually based on a novel with the same title. I haven’t read it but I’m planning to. 🙂

                    • sorry, i’m a moron when it comes to films so i didn’t know. yes, i love books. maybe i’ll check out the book one time when i visit the store. i still haven’t finished factotum, tbh. my slacker ass isn’t doing me any favors, i guess. 😆 are you reading anything right now?

                    • I’m currently reading Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End of The World by Haruki Murakami. Are you a Murakami fan, by any chance? 🙂

                    • hardboiled wonderland, wow that sounds amazing. what is it about? i read kafka on the shore. you can check it out on my books tab. i enjoy the way murakami weaves narratives. it’s like listening to a melody; pretty mind blowing actually.

                    • Yeah. I agree. Murakami’s works are pretty mind-blowing. He always pushes human’s ability to suspend the reality. Maganda ang Kafka on the Shore, may mix pa ng Greek Mythology diba? Nakakawasak ng utak. Anyway, mukhang napapahaba na ang conversation natin dito sa post mo. Is there any other way I can talk to you? I’d love to talk to you more about books and other stuff. 🙂

                    • it’s metaphorical ice cream, i like to think of it that way. it’s alright, the comments section are made for discussions anyway, isn’t it? i have a public email though. i think you can see it on my gravatar profile or something id you click it. idk, i’m techie stupid. 😆

                    • Bakit naman metaphorical ice cream? Hehe. You should read Norwegian Wood by Murakami. It’s my favorite. They say na ito yung pinaka-normal niyang novel. No raining fishes, no talking to cats. Haha. But for me, it is the most depressing novel he’d written. Super affected ako after kong basahin. Tulala ako for weeks. Does it happen to you? Sa sobrang ganda ng book, natutulala ka na lang after mong mabasa.

                    • yes, i get lost in books too even after i turn the last page. i actually contemplated on looking for alaska a lot after reading it and it’s inspired me a lot to seek my great perhaps. i have a copy of norwegian wood but it’s a .epub. i feel that if i’m reading murakami it should be on paperback so i can fully digest it as i tend to be distracted easily with ebooks. do you feel that way sometimes?

                    • I’m not a fan of ebooks. Iba pa rin pakiramdam ng hard copy. 🙂 Alaska Young is one of my favorite characters! “How will I ever get out of this labyrinth of suffering? Straight and fast.” Alaska, Sam (Perks) and Midori (Norwegian Wood) are alike. 🙂 By the way, I checked Factotum, interesting! Hahanapin ko yun sa store. Anyway, thanks for a nice discussion! Till then! Got to go.

  3. Oh my, I’m sorry but I find this poem is heart breaking. Suddenly I just realized na (all good) things really ends whether we like it or not. oh my :l

  4. I read this with some really intense music on and it actually sounded really epic.. And now this next song is really silly/goofy haha.. but I like it, it’s graphic and that first line is pretty unique

    • what songs did you listen to? i’m intrigued. i wonder what sort of epic you were pertaining too 😆 it does sound breaking apart doesn’t it? well what can we do? these things happen as they do.

      • aw I don’t remember exactly what they were called but it was videogame music from! They’re mainly instrumentals!

        But now that I’m giving it another read without any music on, I can really relate. Everything does come to an end, but sometimes it’s for the best :/

        • cool 🙂 yes, everything does and the sad part is we don’t have any say with it sometimes and i agree that when they do end it’s sometimes for the best.

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