It Won’t Be Soon Before Long: Changes Blog Life Contest Entry

open notebook and quill

Blog contest entry, guys! I’m still away on a much needed break so this scheduled post is brought to you by Hoshi. I’m joining this contest for four reasons: (a.) Hoshi supports my blog contests; (b.) I support her date wishes for 28 Feb; (c.) The subject of the contest interests me; and (d.) Winning interests me more πŸ˜† so there you go.

Why am I blogging? I’ll try to answer this as briefly as I can as it’s a topic I know I can waffle on for all eternity; in fact, I’ll try to make a list to make it even easier on the eye. Enjoy!

1. I did not choose the blogging life; the blogging life chose me. 2008 – I’m a college senior and my friend Mon forced me to start this litter box. I’m techie stupid and had tons of reservations but when I found my groove and met amazing people, there’s no turning back; as a matter of fact, my blog turns five this month on the 26th!

2. It’s not about blogging; it’s about sending a message. As much as I want to believe the world revolves around me, I’m always pleasantly surprised to find out there are people who actually care about what I have to say, and more important, there are those who relate to most of the shit I’m going through or are also interested in at the same time – that totally rocks! Making connections God knows how long, or short, all across the globe, sending a message, and spreading the word like a boss… really good stuff.

3. Don’t fight it or it comes harder. Did I just wreck the parallelism of my list? πŸ˜† Anyway, I breathe words and writing comes naturally to me and I intend to just go with it. Β Besides, I don’t suck so bad in blogging too much, maybe a little, but it’s tolerable, right? Right? This is who I am and I’m grateful blogging has given me an avenue for sharing. For now I can’t think of anything better to do so I’ll keep at it. I guess I will as long as it feels right and move on when it doesn’t. Who knows, maybe it won’t be soon before long, but for now, enjoy and suffer the show, people. We’ll all be okay!

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19 thoughts on “It Won’t Be Soon Before Long: Changes Blog Life Contest Entry

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  2. mukhang maglalaban tayo sa kili-kili ah.. pero sige, kung manalo ka, akin na lang yung cd ni anne curtis.. please.. kahit yun lang.. ambisyosa rin ako.. este ambisyoso… *whew! that was close*

  3. Hey, PM, I don’t really know why I blog. I write 2x a month, even if I have tons of topics to share , like my travels. When I’m done with that, what else can I blog about. ha ha

    • it’s cool, we are all happy with your stories. there are many other stuff i can talk of equally but i find i don’t feel inspired to share them as well. i guess we just post things that feel right and that’s it.

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  5. sa lahat daw ng reason mo pinakagusto ko ang letter B. ahihihi!

    I agree na nakaka-surprise na malaman na there people who can give meaning sa ‘yon common post. siguro connected na nga yun sa no.2 mo.

    Mon, friend of Musang, thank you for encouraging PM to blog five years ago. Mabuhay sa inyong 2 and Happy Blogging!

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