Liebster Blog Award: Pink Space Rocks, Anyone?


Back to back Liebster Blog Awards, everyone! Thank you to Derek and Elaine for being my only two followers in the entire blogosphere. 😆 Really, you warm my heart and make me feel like all these random cat typing is worthwhile.

Anyway, I’ll do separate posts for conciseness concerns, okay? In this one, I’ll try my best to not bore you and give justice to the questions from my lovely Aussie gentleman friend, Mr. Childs. But first, some rules:


(1.) Thank the blogger who nominated you for the award and link back to them. (2.) Answer the 11 questions they presented to you. (3.) State 11 random things about yourself. (4.) Write 11 questions of your own and nominate 11 bloggers of your choosing and alert them of the award nomination.

My other Liebster Blog Awards: one and two. 🙂

On to the answers!

cat typing

Question One: If you wish to share, please, explain why you chose to originally begin blogging?

Oh my stars, just answered this one a few days ago here!

Question Two: Is there someone that you admire? A family member; a friend; a celebrity; a member of government; a notable historical individual, et al? Who is this certain someone, and what is it about them that you admire?

My first thought are the Jackass boys, but that can’t be right, can it? 😆 Smart people generally go well with me. I admire Kuya, my uncle who’s Dumbledore minus the Elder Wand. My fantasy is to be like him one day, if that is at all possible.

Question Three: Say you are going on a trip – could be for business; could be a vacation – entirely your prerogative. Apart from your clothes and any other obvious personnel utensils necessary for trips and such, what are some of the things that you personally cannot go anywhere without?

Journal. I write stuff like hell to the point I totally get sick of it. Funny thing is my journal is kind of thick and it gets tricky trying to fit in on my hand carry. Most of the time, I’m like, fuck it. I won’t bring so much clothes just to get my journal stuck in there.

Question Four: You are suddenly bestowed with the ability to become, for an entire week, a character of your choice, from any book, film, television series or theatrical production. Who do you choose to become, what will you do over the course of the week, and why?

I’ll be a bird and I’ll fly away just because I can. Have to watch out for the cats though.

chasing bacon

Question Five: Hypothetically, imagine a unique contagion has spread across the world. The next thing you eat, whether it be a chocolate bar or a piece of broccoli; a slice of meat or a piece of pie; you will inevitably turn into this piece of food. For instance, just say you ate a chocolate bar – a few hours later you will turn into a life sized bar of chocolate; however, you will still retain your head, arms and legs. For dignity’s purposes, you can still wear clothes – although I don’t know how a person who ate a spider will go attempting to fit into a pair of trousers. Now, there is no cure, so you will remain as this piece of food for the rest of your life.
You eat something, not knowing of the contagious viral outbreak. What do you eat? Hypothetically, why did you make this choice? For those who are daring, on top of the prescribed question above, not only are you turned into a piece of food, but you can only eat food from the group that you have become. For instance, a person turned into a piece of fruit, can only eat fruit. A person turned into a vegetable, can only eat vegetables. A person who becomes a potato chip can only eat potatoes, salt and artificial preservatives. A person who becomes a block of chocolate can only eat chocolate, dairy and sugar. If you don’t eat from these food groups – well let’s just say that is not in the rules! (tee hee!) Do you maintain your original choice in what food you eat and inevitably become, or have you changed your mind? If so, what do you wish to become instead and why?

Bacon. That’s it. I’ll be bacon because you can never go wrong with bacon. I can be bacon, fried in hot oil, dripping fat, and I won’t mind. Seriously. I’ll go around naked and do the bacon happy dance. (Now you can’t get it out of your mind, can you?) 😀

Question Six: Do you play video games? (I am not talking about Angry Birds here; I’m talking about First Person Shooters, Third Person Action Games, Real Time Strategy, Role Playing Games and Massive Multiplayer Online, etc). If not, do you understand the world of video games? Do you understand why many men have an avid fascination with gaming, or do you think gaming in general is a stupid and immature waste of time and money?

I played an MMORPG before. If you look up old posts, you’ll see I’m pretty addicted to it. I got very tempted to get Diablo 3 last year but managed enough self control to prevent my life from going straight to hell. 😆 I don’t have any issues with gaming, in fact I enjoy it. I’m like, whatever makes you happy, Mr. Childs. 😉

reiko cat

Question Seven: A vile antagonist just insulted you! That rat bastard! How do your proceed? Do you walk away, avoiding the situation altogether and hope nothing more comes of it? Do you calmly attempt to deescalate the situation by explaining to the individual that you do not wish for there to be any confrontation? Or do you clench your fist and bonk this person on the nose, making Chuck Norris look like the second greatest action hero in comparison to you? Perhaps you could do a combination of all three? Or perhaps you have an alternate suggestion? What are your thoughts? Or you could always avoid this question entirely because the man who wrote it is obvious deranged.

Normally, in heated situations, I’ll try to look calm but have already murdered the person in front of me in my head three times. I’m not a fighter anymore. I’ve decided to be a peacemaker. *throws up* Like hell people who know me will believe that. 😆

Question Eight: Is there one country you have not traveled to yet but really wish to see? What is this country and why do you wish to go there? What might you do over the course of your stay there?

Right now, Cambodia’s stuck on my mind. I want to see the Angkor Wat and… that’s it. I just want to see the Angkor Wat and I’ll go home. Come with me, Elaine?

Question Nine: After a huge economic recession, you find that the only job you are able to acquire is at a touring circus. However, life ain’t all bad because you quickly discover that you have a unique talent. What is this talent of yours, and what stage name will you go by to market yourself during the show?

I can talk to the Tigers and I’ll be the Tiger Whisperer. I’ll listen to them call the other circus staff morons all day. I’m pretty certain Tigers have a lot of funny things to say. I mean, they may not look very funny but I think they can crack jokes quite well and we’ll just sit under the tent and have a good time. Yes, good day.

Question Ten: Do you know any good jokes? Do you care to share the funniest joke that you know?

I have a smart mouth. It runs insanely in the family. These are not exactly jokes but this and this are quite funny in my mind.

happy aliens

Question Eleven: It’s Monday morning. You get up, have breakfast, get dressed, brush your teeth and enjoy a stereotypically natural experience at work. Upon arriving back home later that day, you discover a peculiar triangular shaped gift wrapped in sparkling purple wrapping paper has been left for. Before you even have the opportunity to open the strange and unexpected present, you hear a tapping at the door, and move towards the front entrance, with your present in tow, to see who it could be. Opening the door, you look upon who was gently tapping. ‘Oh my’ you say…Who is at the door, and what is it they require? Better yet, what is inside that oddly shaped package?

Funny thing is, when these situations arise, it’s like you have always known this day would come. It’s not a matter of if it happens but a matter of when it happens. You know who’s at the door? My alien brothers finally taking me back home. The oddly shaped package is nothing but rocks though, anticlimactic, yes. But let’s make them space rocks as a consolation – pink space rocks, there you go, that’s the best I have.

Special Bonus Question (cuz you’re awesome and you know it): Do you often spend your time answering ridiculous questions like these, or is this strictly a one off occasion?

Well if you keep on throwing them my way, what can I do? 😆 But really, thanks Derek. You’re cool.

Right so I’ll post the random stuff about me (as if anybody cares 🙄 ) plus my nominees and questions another day. Maybe after I answer Elaine’s questions, so stay tuned… or not.

Photos taken from here, here, here, here, here, and here.

8 thoughts on “Liebster Blog Award: Pink Space Rocks, Anyone?

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  3. Loved this post PM! Really enjoyed reading your responses – very entertaining stuff! And not just because your compliments were extraordinarily sweet – and not just because you referred to me as ‘Mr. Childs’ – but you do get bonus cred for such formality.
    ‘Lovely Aussie gentleman friend’? Clearly PM you do not know me at all! I can’t stop laughing at that You sure you meant to put the ‘r’ in ‘friend’? Anyway, thanks again for the compliment. If Australian women were as sweet as you, I’d probably be married with children by now.
    Due to the ‘tiger whisperer’ reference, I think now’s as good a time as any to say/write/? this – that image on the right side of your blog – the cat with the AK47; that’s the coolest thing ever!
    Also – naked dancing bacon? Very disturbing – and pink space rocks? Very big imagination you have PM! Take care!

    • seriously derek, the meme came from you, i wrote this pretty much for you so what’s not to love? 😆 feel free to take the r out then, don’t let me stop you! can you please stop laughing at me now you naughtynefarious, you? oh wow, idk any aussie lady so i can’t answer you on that one, maybe just keep looking! the cat has been firing for 5 years, can you believe that? this is getting long so let me end by saying, i’m serious about the bacon. 😆 have a good day, right!

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