Bad Poetry Weekend #4: The Third Space Between Fantasy And Reality

water and fire

I’m on a roll! Don’t protest, loves. Just think of this as toilet paper roll okay, fair enough? When I realized it’s Friday, I figured I should try to wrangle something for this Bad Poetry Weekend post. I tried and this is the result. I’ve been listening to this song, Making Memories of Us by Keith Urban so that’s the inspiration.

Oddly, I found it hard to finish this piece. I stopped a lot of times because I can’t seem to find the words to end it right and almost gave up! Oh well, have a go at what I wrote and tell me maybe it’ll be better if I just did. 😆 Happy weekend! (previous Bad Poetry Weekend posts here, here, and here.)

Third Space

My memory of you is a fiery sunset draped across the sky
Making the blue of the sea sparkle like your eyes
That is the most beautiful enigma my soul has ever known;
Drawing me in helplessly that I can’t look away
No matter how I try, I fail.

My memory of me is a pale moonlight shrouded by clouds
I know not exists; like the mysteries surrounding
The dark of the night, secrets only stars can tell,
Leaving me hollow and cold; fading in my stillness thinking –
Imagining – the shade luminiscence is.

My memory of us is the perfect spot within a storm
Where all around is a beautiful mess that’s an amalgam of
Your desires and mine trapped in the labyrinth of Crete;
The assault of emotions smiting me back to life,
Your presence moving, our plates colliding.

Photo taken from here.

24 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Weekend #4: The Third Space Between Fantasy And Reality

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    • salamat! – this is how you say thank you in my country, derek. 🙂 i won’t flag you for being condescending as you added the disclaimer yourself 😆 i really didn’t know how to end this; it’s the strangest thing. i read some of your work btw, beautiful stuff which suddenly made me feel more bad about what i produce and all it poetry 😆

      • Your ending was just as great as the rest of your poem PM! Quit being so hard on yourself! Also, you are a terrible liar PM! How could you honestly call any of my stuff ‘beautiful’? Your poetry is far more entertaining than the ludicrous ramblings I promulgate over on my blog! I do appreciate the compliment though! I think your glowing remark just went straight to my head.

        • then let’s just be thankful we get to read each other’s works. even if we aren’t delusional enough to like our work at least we appreciate what each other comes up with and more important, don’t throw up after reading. i think we have a great thing going here. 🙂

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