ABCJKSWY: How Does The Alphabet Go Again?


More blog awards, people. Elaine, you’re the coolest depressed lady I’ve ever met.  So wow, this isn’t easy really as the instruction is to go through the alphabet and share some bits about yourself.

Honestly love, I don’t find myself that interesting to have this much to say but I’ll give it my best go all for the love of you, okay? But don’t blame me if most of these information suck.

ABC award

A is for ASS – A few years back, I taught in uni. While most of the stuff I teach are questionable, there is one thing I know is 100% true. According to Ma’am PM, the secret to success is simple: It’s better to do nothing than do something half-assed. Come to think of it, is half-assed even a word? If it’s not, well there you go, new word for the day.

B is for BREATHING – Last year, I got diagnosed with asthma so I’m pretty much fixated with my breathing. The way I breathe changes every day like the weather. It’s most interesting stuff if you ask me. I try to keep going you know, try to remember to breathe. It may get messy if I forget after all.

C is for CULINARY SCHOOL – In a few weeks, I’ll be starting culinary school and I can’t be any more excited. It has been delayed for long but I’m totally excited. I’m still waiting for the schedule but once I get it, I’m certain I’ll be all over it; should be fun times.

D is for DOORS – I’m at a point in my life when I’m facing several doors that I’ve avoided moving into in the past. Now nothing is stopping me and I can’t wait to get cracking! I have only my health to take in to consideration right now but once it’s all good, it will be a blast.

E is for ENGLISH – Language is my thing. Writing is my thing. But not in Filipino. I can’t understand why really; maybe because Filipino is hard. Actually, one time I have been told my writing isn’t Filipino enough. WTH does that mean? The manuscript is in English but I’m told the Filipino market will not embrace it because I’m not Filipino enough. Go figure. 🙄


F is for FLUID – This may be weird but I drink tons of water every day. To some eight glasses may be a stretch already but I reckon I chug around three liters. I don’t know, I just drink and drink water while I work and do cat typing on my keyboard; not sure if I’m even thirsty. Imagine the number of times I pee daily.

G is for GAMBLE – Not the literal gambling, okay; I mean the one on taking risks. Either I’m such a wimp or I’m too lazy to take risks, but that was before. Like I told you, I’m all about suicide lately and I’m loving it. 😀

H is for HAIR – Simply, I’m fixated with hair. It’s not mine though.

I is for INTELLIGENCE – Think what you want to think but thus far my brain has proved to be the sexiest part of my body. It’s my favorite part btw; so far it hasn’t let me down.

J is for JACKASS – Apart from the fact that I adore the Jackass boys, somehow I feel I can be a non physical version of jackass . You know, smart mouth, cracks people up, witty in my imagination and just fun times.

I know what comes after J but I’ll post about it tomorrow, okay? It’s R right? 😆

Photo taken from here, here, and here.

42 thoughts on “ABCJKSWY: How Does The Alphabet Go Again?

  1. uwahh cooking school!!! I thought of going there once before but i had to turn it down that time.. please share how it is/if you like it when you go?

    i drink a TON of water also xD but i also drink a lot of tea throughout the day. no matter what anyone else might say though it’s supeeer healthy to drink a lot of water!!

    i didnt know about that manuscript.. i don’t know about the filipino market, but i’m interested..!

    • i will tell you all about it once it starts. should be amazing. i’m with you on the tea. normally, it’s a mix of water, coffee, and tea daily. i actually don’t need to eat solid food with this kind of diet. oh wait, is ice cream solid? 😆 i’m trying to write some stuff. i’m having a blast.

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  3. Parang mahusay ka ng magluto para mag culinary school ah.. Pero sige.. Suportahan ka namin.. At sana hindi ko makita ang mga post mo ng pagkain, nasisira ang diet ko… Hmp! At teka, you’re not filipino enough? Juice mio! Paano yun?

  4. Wow! Congrats sa new school! Excited for you. 😀 Gawa kang brownies ha! Or yung biscuits na chewy. Yum yum~!

    Shocks, 3 liters?! Ako nga isang baso per day lang. Effort pa yun. Haha.

    (How is it that I love your posts always?!)

    Have a lovely day ate PM! 🙂

    • thank you! i can already make you brownies and chewy cookies, zezil. 🙂 i’m going to learn something on cake decoration this time, not actual baking as i know how already; i’m not saying i’m great at baking but at least it’s decent. i can make people very happy with what i bake. yes, i don’t know why i drink that much too but i do daily! wow, you’re the sweetest. salamat. i put up the next bit too. whew! who knew the alphabet has so many letters? 😆

      • Talaga?! Yay! Lagyan mo ng almonds yung brownies ha (demanding

        Naku, go go go ate! Susi din kasi yung design talaga. Will wait for the photos. 🙂

        Yay! Make me happy! Make me happy! (with some brownies, lol)

        Antayin ko yung sa ibang letters naman~. 😀

        [Just a quick update, manager felt my profound sadness, asked how much I would like to be paid (for that OT work), got a lil bit sissy on the amount but in the end, I got paid. Woot! Woot! Super thanks ate Pm~! 🙂 ]

        • normally i add kasoy, to promote what is local to us here. oo, salamat! yes, just posted the part 2. i forgot to mention i can make kitkat cheesecake there. 😀 glad to hear that, love. remember, you get what you deserve so never sell yourself short.

            • please do, good lady. 🙂 so things have gone alright for you now? also whatever happened to your dog? nakuha mo na ba ulit?

              • I’d say yes. Things “settled” so I’m cool with that. 🙂

                We never talked about him anymore. You know, just so everyone is harmonious. Brother was really really upset. Didnt call mom for 3 days until I “scolded” him. It’s not all right but I just let him go. My friend offered giving me a puppy but I’m not sure if I’m ready for a new relationship. Maybe next time. But yeah! I said too much! haha~ Thank you for asking. 🙂

                • glad to know the dust have settled and even gladder to have helped you somehow. 🙂 oh right, then i’ll shut up about the dog too, i guess!

                  • Hehehe. It’s okay. I’m not that sensitive about it anymore (Weh?)

                    Anywho, I also have a fixation on hair…but in my case, it’s the eyebrow—others’ eyebrows. 🙂

                    What’s with the hair? Sarap sabunutan? hehe

                    • natawa ako ng sobra sa sabunutan 😆 eyebrows? care to elaborate? that’s interesting, first time i’ve heard. see hair, eyes, hands etc are common but eyebrows is interesting.

                    • They’re just something. On women, they’re always nice to see when trimmed or whatev. Especially those on Korean women. Parang isang linya lang pero maganda.

                      And on men, oh my gulay, that’s the first thing I check, physically. In my mind, “Kung kaya akong protektahan ng kilay neto, pwede!!!” Haha.

                      Kidding aside, I just like staring at them. If it isnt too much, i’d touch them too. If the person allows. I’m not creepy naman that I’d just touch someone else’s eyebrow. Lol.

                      And you? why you like hair? 🙂

                    • that’s truly interesting. i doubt you’d enjoy mine though as it’s so fine and barely there! i normally go for hands or may e height but idk the hair won me over and i’m horribly fixated. 😯

                    • Your eyebrows? wait, lemme see. Hehe~

                      What’s your height? (if you dont mind me asking…)

                      bf must have awful nice hair then. 😀

                    • yes, mine, very fine that’s why i don’t dare pluck it or whatever. i don’t want to lose what little i have! you can see me on facebook. i don’t have any problems being friends with you.

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  6. Wow, culinary school! Cook for meeeeee, chef PM! Pwetty pweaseeeeee? Lol seriously though, cook for me? Hahaha

  7. Really good post PM. I had to laugh at how your manuscript was rejected; not that your inconvenience was in any way humorous, but the BS reasons that publishers often generate certainly are strange. I remember the first time I submitted something to a publisher; I was 12, and apparently not a very bright 12 year old either because I provided my age with the manuscript. Almost a year later the publisher wrote back to me and said that nobody would take the work of a 12 year old seriously. Go figure.
    Seriously though PM, don’t give up with your writing career.
    Also, you were a uni teacher? Remind me to ask you about that sometime. After I (eventually) finish up my uni course I was considering becoming a teacher, so I might like to ask for your thoughts on the experience.

    • i have a cool experience around that age too! i think i’m 11 then. i’m not throwing the white towel yet don’t worry. besides i have you as publisher already right if by some miracle you end up with that sort of business. yes, uni teacher, imagine. fun times though! why not give it a try. think about it, mr. childs professor.

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