Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn

some men just want to watch the world burn

Everything is annoying; some more than others. Here is a quick list of ten that comes to mind right now:

  1. Scrolling a YouTube video that took forever to load only for it to refresh and buffer again.
  2. Sticking your hand inside an empty can of Pringles.
  3. The ‘Seen’ prompt on a Facebook message you sent to your crush and receiving no reply; same on a ‘Read’ prompt on an iMessage.
  4. Watching your cake sink or cookies crumble after taking them out of the oven.
  5. Be near the litter box after your cat dumps mega shit.
  6. Getting cheated on and staying in the relationship, living through the memory, fooling yourself you’ve moved on from it.
  7. Being left behind without an explanation, or worse, an announcement!
  8. Having nothing to say and everybody expects not just something, but a whole lot!
  9. Knowing you are the one but not having the chance to live it through.
  10. Falling short, especially when you’re almost there but not quite.

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