The Unfortunate Reality If I’m Your Girl


This post is inspired by the beautiful lady, Zezil. Her post on her quirks that manifests in relationships entertained me so. In general, my stand on this matter is simple: find someone who cherishes your quirks and endears you more to them because of them.

Don’t just gun for acceptance because people get exhausted. Find someone who revels in them and falls in love with you more because of them, that’s better – not easy, but definitely better. πŸ™‚

Now let’s see some possibilities if God abandons you and I become your girl…

cat cupcakes

You’ll get fat because I bake a lot. I’ll force feed you the cookies I baked, the cupcakes hot from the oven, and the many bars and cakes I do just for fun.

Palpitations will be your friend. My life is made simpler by coffee, tea, and chocolate and because I’m your girl, I’ll share them with you even if I’m not good at sharing to begin with. Don’t worry. I don’t get hyper despite the caffeine overdose.

Hello books, poetry, and whimsical music. Unlike other women, I’m not big on shopping; in fact I only go to the mall when I know I need to buy something. However, the lack of shopping passion in my life I replace with strong affiliation with books, poetry, and whimsical poetry. The need to not throw up may be necessary.


Buy a travel bag. I don’t make it hard for my partner. Either you come with me on my backpacking or be left behind, your choice.

My cats are non negotiable. I’ll kick you out of my life first before the cats. Deal with it.

Your gaming just gained a cheer leader. Not only will I condone your gaming habits, I will totally support it. For ex. if you need to eat but you can’t get your ass off the chair, the food will come to you, as long as you’re winning, that is.

No flowers on Valentine’s Day! Seriously, no flowers.

Naturally, this is the short list and I have a ton of other quirks that are more than a nightmare (such as I’m too moody and I’m too indifferent or I’m too pathetic πŸ˜† ). I’m a high functioning autistic so that’ll be enough a clue to how charming it is to put up with me, right?

Photos taken from here, here, and here.

47 thoughts on “The Unfortunate Reality If I’m Your Girl

  1. PM, seriously, if these are your quirks, then this list of yours – no offense, but its pathetic. I hope I don’t sound too flirtatious or anything, but after reading this – you sound absolutely perfect. Cook? Game cheer leader? Intellectual, avid reader? No flowers on Valentines Day? Wow! These are the qualities I wish to find in a woman! However, that ‘cats’ reference is kinda creepy. Are we talking a couple or a million of them – any more than ten and, I’m sorry, but I might suddenly amend my last statement.

    • mr. childs, i have known i’m pathetic since the stone age. πŸ˜† i did say this is a short list and perhaps the other side of the list is more interesting but i’m too lazy to go there so i leave it to your imagination for now. i only have two cats, that’s the most i can handle so yes, i’m still your perfect doll, no worries.

  2. Hey! Every nice guy loves cupcakes! Hell, even the mean ones love β€˜em! So I think you’re safe with this one. πŸ™‚

    I think you’ll be best-friends with most guys since they also don’t consider shopping as a sport. πŸ˜‰

    No flowers on Valentine’s day! Wow! Really? Ha! Why? Just curious. (But I bet your babe still gives you anyway, hehe)

    I enjoyed this post too~!

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    • thanks, i have two cats. they are mine and are my children. my parents have at least 20 cats i think. i don’t even bother counting.

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