Bad Poetry Weekend #6: That Moment When Duct Tape Can’t Fix Everything

geminid 2012

Starting to feel good about Bad Poetry Weekend, tbh. At first, it’s but a bold attempt to force you to put up with my crap but as I go along, I get this inspired feeling that maybe this is worth doing. Thank you everyone for your patience!

I also figured it’s easier to think of verses when you focus on a particular something. Does that make sense? Of course it doesn’t. 😆 To me, it’s been music. I just pick up on a song and ask myself, “How will that feel, you reckon?” then I try to wrangle words and put them together and call it poetry – a very scientific process, you agree?

The song I have today is The End of Everything by Measure. Last week, it’s their other song Closer, which is killer. I enjoy this one now too and leeched creativity off it. Sorry for you but the result is Bad Poetry Weekend #6.

Seriously, I wanted the title to be ‘You Know You’re Fucked When Duct Tape Can’t Fix Shit’ but at the last minute I changed it to ‘Fighting by Giving Up’. I thought about using ‘White Flag’ but I don’t know, the first stuck. What do you think? I’m also blown away knowing this is the 6th Bad Poetry Weekend post! Wow, I suck that much? 😆

Giving up

Fighting by Giving Up 

How do you chase a flash flood?
How do you piece back an avalanche?
From a wild fire to an earthquake below,
Is there even a fight
When the worst has arrived?

Race against a dying light,
Absorb the impact the death star packs;
Deny autumn, forget winter –
Fool yourself night and day,
But you can’t keep running after yesterday.

Memories are great, daydreams better;
Truth can lie but not forever!
Wake up you must; live, let go.
Pretend, prolong, fight, cry –
Three crystal words: it’s an empty sky.

Photo taken from here and here.

14 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Weekend #6: That Moment When Duct Tape Can’t Fix Everything

  1. at may nagustuhan akong tula ngayong sabado. pero di ko sasabihin kung ano.

    “Minsan kasi, meron talagang mga pangyayari sa nakaraan na iba ang dating sa kasalukuyan kung ito’y babalik-balikan, pero di…….”


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