One Dozen Less Things To Think About

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Over two weeks without any update here, man I’ve been neglecting my blog too much! Oh well, I’ve been neglecting a lot these days anyhow. You should see my Facebook wall, it’s too deserted I might as well deactivate the damn thing.

I don’t know, I just don’t feel like saying much these days. It’s kind of exhausting, the past months, all eyes on me. Everything exhausts me really. Anybody knows a rock I can rent and live in for the next 100 years? πŸ˜†

Wow, I just lost my train of thought. What was I trying to tell you again? Shoot. This always happens, each time I try to sit here and try to update my blog. My mind flees in the middle and I’m left with no choice but to abandon my post. But this time, I won’t, I hope.

Oh I know, I’ll just share with you some stuff I thought about yesterday; nothing special, just some random thoughts:


  1. There’s always a simple way to do things. You just have to figure it out.
  2. Remember: anything other than a yes is no.
  3. The only acceptable way to live life is facing forward.
  4. Others will control you only if you let them. Take care of yourself.
  5. Stupid things are stupid for a reason. Stupid is a relative word.
  6. Love is a decision, not just a feeling.
  7. Indecision is a decision.
  8. The only thing that counts is now.
  9. Remember the good things without forgetting the bad; don’t allow your memory to work in spite.
  10. You can’t fix people.
  11. Sometimes it is smart to walk away.
  12. IMPORTANT: Let go so things fall into place.

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34 thoughts on “One Dozen Less Things To Think About

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  2. I like you list espe “The only acceptable way to live life is facing forward.” ito rin ang advice ko sa aking sarili at sa mga kaibigan ko na parang nega lagi ang mentality. alangan naman susuko ka di ba, laban!

    • I like your list especially β€œThe only acceptable way to live life is facing forward.” ito rin ang advice ko sa aking sarili at sa mga kaibigan ko na parang nega lagi ang mentality. alangan naman susuko ka di ba?, laban!


    • i guess there are times when it’s easy to make that decision to be brave everyday and there are times when you just want to wallow and give in. it’s a constant battle that i’m trying to win. not easy but i hope to be well worth it. πŸ™‚ thank you, hoshi.

  3. …ganito din yung feeling ko lately, ewan ko ba.. parang wala ako sa katinuan, at sooobbbrraaaaannngggg tamad ko recently… wala lang nasabi ko lang.. hello pm! *kaway-kaway*

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  5. I sure have missed seeing you here! I stopped checking for a bit because you hadn’t updated. I’m glad to see you here again. You’re a VERY wise woman. I agree with everything you wrote (random thoughts wise). You have to let go and move out of the way to allow something to work right and gain a new perspective. I call it “letting go and letting God”. You can call it what you like πŸ˜‰ Love you though and I know something good is right down the road for you. You’re a brilliant mind, not to mention interesting. Not everyone deserves you. Only the RIGHT person deserves you and you should never, ever, ever settle. Of course, I’m assuming your random thoughts are pertaining to your own life?

    • wow, you’re too generous, thank you. it’s nice to be back, trying to sort things out in my head. i’ve used that term before, it’s cool. i have to apply it consistently though but i guess i’m learning. i love the bit on not everyone deserves me. i’ve said a lot of times before that i’m not for mass consumption πŸ˜† thank you again, reading this is really nice.

      • You don’t have to thank me πŸ™‚ I really mean what I say and it’s really true that not everyone deserves you. This is a process for sure and sometimes, even when you think you have it figured out, you find out that you really had nothing figured out. Sometimes, life is just about the “ride”. So you’re right… you need to enjoy being in the moment. BUT you can’t do it so much that you forget about your future or are afraid of the future. The present always leads to the future. And now I’m done with all my cliche’s! lol But I meant it πŸ™‚

        • thanks, you know you sound a lot like a friend of mine. you’re very cool, lady. and yes, i try. i’m still learning though, struggling most times but i’m still here. it’s funny because these lessons just keep on repeating up until you get them. there’s just so many realizations for me lately that i think i may need to put up a similar post to just think out loud.

            • my friend gets it right sometimes. but i think fundamentally, there is a difference between knowing and saying things and applying them. it’s always easy to say the right thing. i mean, sometimes i manage to say the right things but following through and taking action isn’t always easy. it’s a struggle.

              • It IS a struggle for most everyone. But then one day you’ll get it and you think “why did it take me this long”. Things just happen when they’re supposed to happen. God’s timing is perfect. Ours, sadly, is not ever perfect. lol

                • i guess that’s the best kind of thing to happen, when something happens naturally, both good and bad, but things just happen as they do, and all we need to learn to do is accept them. not easy but we have to try.

  6. Numbers 11 and 12 hits the right spot. I should always remind that to myself. I tend to drive myself crazy at times, especially when I overthink or space-out. Thank you for this post. This shed some positive light to me. Hugs! πŸ™‚

    Anyway, if you haven’t updated this lovely space of yours in two weeks, what more mine? (insert horrified face)

    • happy to have helped, miko. imy πŸ™‚ i do drive myself insane too, thinking too much. it’s exhausting and also a total waste of energy. my friend told me thoughts are just thoughts. it made a lot of sense. well i guess i’m used to updating my blog frequently and not working with it for 2 weeks felt not right so here i am making it right, hopefully.

      • I miss you, too dear! And yes, I do agree with your friend. Thoughts are just thoughts, I guess its up to us to filter them and decide what we should keep for ponder sake and what we should let go. (I hope I made sense here, ulk!)

        • my friend said it’s important to control your thoughts. problem is my thoughts control me most times. it’s a bad habit i’m trying to break. πŸ™‚

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