Let Me Teach You A Little Cat Language Here


There’s a lovely piece of poetry that the equally lovely Elaine put up on her blog yesterday. It has a cute title: If I Left You a Voice Mail, This Would Be It. It got me thinking about the many things I want to say to people that I also don’t want to say at the same time.

Recently, I found myself speaking through songs. It’s really funny because most times I just stumble on songs and it feels like they have been created exclusively for my use, to express how I feel without exerting too much effort. It’s really beautiful.

But I guess that’s not the only thing I do. Other times I vent through poetry; sometimes I just call it shit but other times they qualify as poetry, I can’t be sure. When I think about how cryptic I sometimes get, I’m easily convinced I’m truly nuts.

This is one reason why I’m always grateful, and a lot amazed, when I find someone who gets me, or maybe not get me completely but at least understand, or try. One time I’m talking to a friend and we both agreed it’s always great to find someone who not only accepts your quirks but also loves you more because of them.

…Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen a lot of times but when you do stumble upon such people, that’s a good day.

Well, I guess that’s all I have to say for now, not sure if it did make sense but that’s it. I’m just trying to get a rhythm going and just keep posting as the litter box has been poop-free for quite awhile and catch up I must! Have a good night everyone. 🙂

Photo taken from here.

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