WILTT #11: Don’t Even Ask Me Why

girl drinking coffee on piano

My friend Mon once told me I’m bipolar. You know what, that sucks because I know I’m a high functioning autistic to begin with. 😆 But I guess if I had any symptoms of bipolar disorder before it has gone down now, or at least I hope.

Most times I just find myself undecided on what to feel, if that makes any sense to you, nothing too extreme but it’s kind of annoying even to me. Like at this hour this is how I feel then give it another two or three hours it’s flipped completely. I wish I can tell you it’s only on my period but that’s a lie.

Oh well, here’s What I Listened To Today. It’s kind of random and emotionally unstable but I guess you just have to enjoy it. It’s music, it doesn’t have to be hard, does it?

WILTT #11: Don’t Even Ask Me Why

1. All These Things by Stephen Speaks

2. It’s Beautiful Day by Michael Buble

3. The Woman I Love by Jason Mraz

4. In Your Hands by Jason Mraz

5. U Got It Bad by Philip Phillips

6. This Year’s Love by Boyce Avenue

7. Just Give Me a Reason by Pink

8. Stay by Rihanna

9. Six Degrees of Separation by The Script

10. When I Was Your Man by Bruno Mars

Photo taken from here.

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