Bad Poetry Weekend #9: Bursting Through Barriers

plant bursting through

I have a thing for plants. Last year, I started an herb garden. It’s beautiful. To watch what you have buried under the soil pop out just like that in a different form, it’s incredible; not every seed will but those that do give me tremendous joy.

You know I don’t eat vegetables right, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like where they come from. In fact, I have a lot of respect for them. The transformation from nothing to something is too drastic and worthy of respect. Yes, I do have respect for parsley. Deal with it.

This Bad Poetry Weekend post is dedicated to this wonderful transformation that I know is agonizingly beautiful. The best part of it I think is nobody gives plants crap about it. They just do what they do and be done with it. It’s cool.

Enjoy the vegan plate this week. It may be awful but it may be good for you, you’ll never know, right? Have a good weekend, everybody. πŸ™‚

colorful tree

The Price Of Going Green

Before a seed can grow one leaf
I imagine it hurts like hell…
To pop out of a shell and break all you are,
To accept that you can’t stay the same
Because there is more to life.

Before a seed can grow one leaf
I imagine it’s never so grand…
Buried, covered, and thrown to the ground
Wrapped in the cold and dark; alone
And unsure if the sun will ever shine.

Before a seed can grow one leaf
I imagine it’s a damn fight…
To remain a seed is so tempting
Ridiculously easy, too convenient even
But is that all seeds are meant to be?

Before a seed can grow one leaf
I imagine conviction’s a must…
In exchange of struggle, new life is the prize
Whoever survives lives a well deserved change
So beautiful a reward, worthy of all pain.

Photo taken from hereΒ and here.



4 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Weekend #9: Bursting Through Barriers

  1. My mom was a yogist and she’s a pesco-vegetarian. My brother and I were raised to eat (a lot) of veggies but I kinda have a love/hate relationship with it. But then, blame it to signs of aging, I’m now into eating them. Feeling healthy lang ang peg Haha!

    Kasi naman eh. Who wouldn’t resist meat… and hotdogs?! πŸ˜€

    • sometimes i do have moments of lucidity that i try to eat veggies. rare but it does happen. i’m into eating a lot of fruits though. i enjoy them a lot because they are refreshing and light.

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