You See Better Only In Retrospect

girl exploding head

Remember when I told you I had a date with Elrick over the weekend? Well, it didn’t turn out so great. It’s one of those ideas that you get and think it’s the best thing that has happened to you but instantly the next day, you realize, oh man, that’s wasn’t so great at all.

See Monday I had a ruthless allergic rhinitis attack, I had a horrible, horrible cough, and I just felt so ill… in the middle of culinary school at that. OMFG. The only consolation is my asthma isn’t making life harder. For now.

All of a sudden, I’m a hot respiratory mess. I can’t sleep, I’m barking my lungs out, I’m itchy as hell, I’m just not right. When I saw my lovely pulmo physician, let’s just say I looked every bit her nightmare.

Right now I’m popping a lot of pills again and I’m not in a good place. I’m too ill to even cough properly. Pathetic. Even when I’m completely sitting down upright in bed I can’t sleep because of the coughing and congestion. It’s just awful. I can’t see Elrick again too, that’s for sure.

Fingers crossed the meds will sort me out. I feel I’m responding to them, as I should, right? I hope you’re having a better time, loves.

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18 thoughts on “You See Better Only In Retrospect

  1. Hope you get better soon ma’am. I thought I might say that I ‘liked’ your post because this was a good piece of writing, not because I ‘like’ that you are terribly ill – I am not that much of a sociopath. Ironically I’m actually kind of ill at the moment, although I cannot explain why. On Friday night I completed Halo 4 for, must have been, what, the fifth time? Once again it caused me to ball my eyes out and since then my nose and ears have been blocked and my throat hurts. Can crying make you sick? Now that’s just embarrassing! Best wishes Ms. PM!

    • thank you, mr. childs. i believe too much emotional stress can make people ill. i hope you do better too. fifth time, wow. oh i thought you’ve gone overseas, how did you find the time to play?

      • The poem was a work of fiction my sweet Ms. PM! Wow, I must be one helluva writer if I can convince an intellectual such as yourself that I be traveling (humorous hubris).
        I feel as though I should explain. The poem in question was about a woman named ‘Alexia’, but she lives in Melbourne, not Canada. Well temporarily – she travels a lot so this may be true in the future. I was inspired by the poem I had written previously and so made the setting in the north of America. I was stressing the idea that I would travel endlessly to be with her. However, in truth, I think she is married (not to me, sigh!), hence the reason why I wrote the poem. I cannot exactly tell a married woman I think she is an unfathomable beauty.
        Would you tell a man you believed to be taken that you had feelings for him?
        For me, poetry is one such avenue to allow our fantasies to run wild, where we can be honest with the use of fictional writing, because every piece of fiction is based loosely on an element of truth.
        Again ma’am, take care! 😀

        • it’s always funny to me when people tell me i’m an intellectual yet they don’t treat me like one. i’m not referring to you though, just in general. 🙂 i totally appreciate that poem and even more after you explain. i see it’s both cerebral and emotional, beautiful. yes, i agree. the more i write fiction, the more i understand that every bit of it is real in a way. i remember reading this principle in one textbook from my intro to lit class and i figured, every piece of writing reflects a truth about the author, just maybe expressed in a more creative or abstract way. oh man such beauty in writing. i love it!

  2. Be well ! ! And take care of yourself ! What brought that on, anyway? heat of summer? I’ve been sneezing like every minute due to spring pollens in the air… plus the horrific migraine I’m getting, as well.

    • thank you. i’ll return to my pulmo tomorrow. the lack of sleep is killing me. last night i slept at 5am. oh wait that’s early this morning 😆

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