The Air That I Breathe… Is Mostly Crap

mean angry cat

Hi guys, just a quick update: I’ve just been discharged from the hospital, confined the entire week due to respiratory distress; not pretty at all but more important, I’m convalescing.

My strength has yet to return and I trust my medications will sort me out well, despite the adverse reactions getting to me, particularly the bloating and body pain, but in all, I get by.

I have two weeks’ worth of home medications to go through and I’ll probably be as swollen as the sun the entire month but it’s better than not breathing and not sleeping, right?

Similarly, I missed a lot of activities within the week due to my condition but hopefully, I’ll be back on my feet these coming days. There’s a lot to tell you but I’m kind of weak and drugged so let’s save it another time, shall we?

But don’t worry too much, this is nothing rest can’t cure. I’m staying positive. Big thank yous to everybody who looked after me too, you’re the best. 🙂 I hope you are all having a better time!

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33 thoughts on “The Air That I Breathe… Is Mostly Crap

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      • Eeeeh, no one’s going to take care of it when I go to work 😦 But that’s actually one of the reasons why I wanted to look for another place. Gusto ko na talaga mag alaga ng pusa. 😆

        • you just leave the stuff the cat needs throughout the day, you don’t need to look after it and believe me, the cat wouldn’t want you too. 🙂 also i have a feeling we’ll be able to catch up soon real time. i’m trying to find office-type copywriting jobs back into society.

            • you don’t want them to know you’re a casual blogger, that’s why. but that’s fantastic news. can i apply to you? omg, this will be interesting.

                • yes, i am. change sounds good, that’s all to it really. i’ll update you when something comes up. i missed a lot of appointments the past 10 days due to my illness but i’ll catch up. let me know when you need someone like me, won’t you? that’ll be nice.

                    • there’s no rush for me, no worries. like i told you, i’m convalescing. sometimes i think of my missed appointments but i believe the right opportunity will come to me when i’m ready. these days, i try not to think too much. i need to be well. 🙂 salamat!

    • thank you, i’m trying to get back on my feet, which are really looking funny since i’m all bloated btw. i’ll be alright though. got to have faith in nine lives, right? 😉

    • salamat, i’m still feeling pretty mangled but i’ll be fine. if no allergen or stress come about i’m sure i’ll be great soon. 🙂

    • salamat, i’m trying to recover naman. hopefully magiging maayos din lahat. sabi naman ng doctor ko bago magsummer, people with respiratory problems are expected to have a hard tome ngayong taginit. ayun nga nagkatotoo 😆

    • thank you, i’ll try to stay out of trouble. i hope you be well too. you’re right, being ill is no fun but it catches you sometimes and you just have to deal with it. it’s okay, we’ll be alright. 🙂

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