Banana Chocolate Truffles Bars Recipe: Instant Happy Pill

banana chcolate truffle bars

Who in his right mind would not want banana chocolate truffle bars? I made these over the weekend and I can tell you they sure did not last long. What I liked most about these treats is you don’t feel bad eating them. Okay, maybe if you eat 20 they won’t be as fun for your waistline but if you stick to one or a couple or five you’ll be fine. 🙂

The base of this recipe is my super moist banana cupcake recipe. I just replaced the cupcake tins with a square 8×12 pan and extended the baking time to 35 minutes. Each oven is different so check your bread five or 10 minutes before the time. Insert a skewer at the center and if it comes out clean, you’re done.

After baking the banana bread, I allowed it to cool then I melted some truffles on a pan on top of simmering water and poured it on top to create a nice chocolatey glaze. I believe you can use any kind of melting chocolate for this but I have not tried it yet. Maybe you can try one with an orange flavor for that extra kick of flavor.

But with the truffles that I used, that belongs to my sister if I may add, it is not too sweet, that is why I love pairing them with the banana bread. The result is a smooth and silky glaze that you’ll instantly fall for. Let it set for a few minutes before cutting and serve with a smile!

Believe me, you can be depressed as hell but these banana chocolate truffle bars will banish what you have to complain about for all time so give it a try and happy baking.

16 thoughts on “Banana Chocolate Truffles Bars Recipe: Instant Happy Pill

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  2. Wow ! I can taste it ! So, I can use any recipe of banana bread pudding?

    My LIKE button ain’t workin. Anyway, LIKED.

    Also, how can I subscribe to you via email? I’m not getting any of your posts.

    • yes, any that you like. i just thought about stealing my sister’s truffles so i made a glaze out of it 😆 the follow button isn’t functioning? i’ll try to see how to get the subscribe via email on the sidebar. thank you for the visit, ren 🙂

  3. that’s awesome! i always wanted to learn how to bake. too bad i suck at doing anything decent in the kitchen (well, except wash the dishes, i can handle those. haha). 😀

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