Excuse Me, I Must Go To The Bakery To Buy Cat Food

they said i could be anything so i became a loaf

Earlier today I heard Don Domeng giving someone a telling. He’s like, “What are you doing? You are wasting bread again. You just want to play with it, you don’t eat it!” Then there was the sound of agitated plastic and my father bending over to pick it up.

“What’s wrong?” I asked, half awake.

Apparently, it’s his cat, Climb Every Mountain. Yes, that’s the name of his cat, Climb Every Mountain, and don’t you dare give me a weird look, you whose cat is named Mr. Fluffykins or Bob.

Thing is, Climb Every Mountain has a thing for bread. Most cats like tuna or star shaped cat food, but this one likes bread.

funny cat

One time, Mother Goose was so annoyed because her shining new loaf of white bread got ripped at the table by the same cat. He eats some of it but most he just enjoys clawing and sitting on top of. Earlier, he was trying to eat a cake slice inside the plastic. I think it was a mocha roll.

I guess there is always that one in the family, you know, the weird one, the one who takes to bread when everybody else takes to fish or something. But you know what, I think that’s okay.

If he wants freaking bread, then give him freaking bread. It doesn’t make him less of a cat if he decides to eat bread instead of smelly tuna. If making fun of bread gives him joy, then so be it; I guess I just have to remember which bread he sat on top of and try to be careful not to get that.

Actually, I like the style of this cat. He’s my kind of weird.Β When my father went out the door, I actually gave the bread to Climb Every Mountain. He was happy… so am I.

Photos taken from here and here.

19 thoughts on “Excuse Me, I Must Go To The Bakery To Buy Cat Food

  1. What’s wrong with people? the blog posts I’ve been reading today are all happy, funny posts. hahaha! kidding! But this one made me smile from start to finish. I don’t like cats, but I like the song Climb every mountain, so I like your dad’s cat, too. πŸ™‚ didn’t make sense no? Basta. I loved this. that’s all. bow.

  2. I smiled at the thought of Climb Every Mountain sitting on top of a bread. Must be so comfy! What is it’s an ensaymada? I wonder how he would feel having sugar and cheese stuck to his butt? πŸ˜€

  3. cats have wonderful distinctive personalities; and so are their owners. i think in the end the right cat goes to the perfectly matched owner, personality wise.

    my cats hardly eats human fud. they do adore tuna and cold cuts.

    • i agree. you have to get your cat to not lose your sanity. doesn’t mean your cat must get you though. πŸ˜† the other cats who live in this house like the normal stuff too.

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