Bad Poetry Weekend #12: The Not So Awaited Return

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Are you happy, Bad Poetry Weekend took a long break? Actually, I’ve been trying to string words but it seems my nightmarish attempts at poetry took a whole new level of bad so I figured I’d pass. I mean, it is Bad Poetry Weekend, not Worst Poetry Weekend. πŸ˜†

But today, I thought this is, you know, okay. It will not change the world but at least I’m able to say something. It’s funny when you’re not feeling too well it’s too easy for the mental ink to dry out too, do you relate? Spiritual constipation is indeed not so encouraging if you’re trying to write… stuff.

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The Spring Of Second Chances

The cold you left I used as a blanket
Covering my nakedness well into the
Darkness I didn’t know if night or day,
As you stole my sunshine and I’m gone.
To survive I slept, as much as I can,
The swirl of my emotions, my enemy
And friend I cradled close so I know
I’m alive… Then in my shock,
A faint voice I hear, the sky opens,
The shroud of ice I wore melts.
Oh no… not again.

Photos taken fromΒ here.


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