Some Reasons Why I Stopped Talking To My Cats



“I’d really appreciate it if you stop crying over Frito Lays.”


“Life will be better if the food bowl refills itself, but it doesn’t. Any ideas?”


“Just a little to the left. There. There. Ah… feels better.”


“I don’t always want to be let out of the room but when I do it’s 3 AM and I got to poop.”


“When I say I don’t want to cuddle with you, I don’t want to cuddle with you.”


“Don’t be afraid, you always land on your feet… unless you’re human.”


“It’s okay if you’re Asperger’s; you still have us and you can amuse yourself by servicing our needs.”


“I didn’t kick your things off your desk. They flew away!”


“It’s a book! I must sit on it!”


“You don’t need the internet. You have me. Stop. Stop or I’ll sit on your laptop. I am sitting on your laptop.”


“Be honest, lady. Who is stealing my shit off the litter box?”


“So that’s why you’re crazy, you only have one life.”

Photo taken from here.

22 thoughts on “Some Reasons Why I Stopped Talking To My Cats

  1. i like dogs better than cats. we have a dog and four cats. cat poop is offensive-smelling while that of the dog is tolerable. plus the cats act like kings and queens while the dear dog will serve you with their licks and excitement when you arrive home.

    i cannot afford to get rid of the cats though. the rats are afraid of them and the proud cats will even display their dead bodies in front of your room door or in the middle of the kitchen floor. 😦

  2. I already told you I’m not a cat person, and this post just cemented that fact. ahahahaha! But then, I have kids so I guess we’re even? heheh!

  3. We only like dogs for a pet in our household, PM. When we moved to our new house , there were already 2 cats hanging out at our backyard ( our neighbors’). Here’s our problem with the cats… they made our backyard their toilet. And you know how cat poop smells, right? Aaaargh ! Oh, well. Anyway, since then, cats have become pariahs in Iglesias household. he he he

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