Broken Hearts Are Kept In Tupperwares


What do you think are hearts made of? And don’t tell me cardiac muscle, smart ass. The lovely Elaine told me she read they aren’t made of glass, but of diamonds, which is why they can’t break. A part of me believes that, you know? I mean, if your heart did break you’ll be probably dead.

I think hearts are made of whatever makes hearts. Maybe they don’t really break but I know they bruise, and sometimes they bruise bad, and deep, that’s why it hurts when other people elbow it or strike it with a superman knee a la Georges St. Pierre. It hurts and it will hurt.

Last time, I figured the reason why we bother with hearts stuff is because we’re stupid. That’s one thing I honestly believe right. If only it is possible to take out your heart and put it in an ice box somewhere and lock it for safe keeping, that would be awesome… But it hardly works like that, does it?

dr. house quotes

But that’s fine. What I think will be better though is if hearts come with warnings, when you know, hearts do what they tend to do carelessly sometimes. Something like: BEWARE. MAY INFLICT LEGENDARY SUFFERING.  I figured that will be lovely and mighty helpful.

If it’s possible that people came with a similar warning, I’ll appreciate it too because fuck it, hearts are tough. They should be teaching this shit in school, now there’s something practical than subtracting jumbled letters and numbers.

Sigh. I guess all I’m trying to say is maybe we should be careful and perhaps not too dumb when it comes to hearts stuff, because we’re not too different after all. If we cut each other’s hearts, we’ll all bleed the same red so it isn’t probably too much to ask if we try not to fuck each other up so much.

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10 thoughts on “Broken Hearts Are Kept In Tupperwares

    • that’s true. it can get hard. but ultimately i think there is no right or wrong when it comes to these things. my friend always reminds me of this truth and says we all just fumble through life, which i think is correct.

  1. You can’t be too careful with heart stuff unless you’re talking about the physical aspects of having a heart, in which case, stay away from pan grilled steak fat. I think the best solution to eradicate our hearts’ suffering is to just be honest with ourselves. Be objective when thinking about the person you’re seeing. Don’t inject the cutesy idea of this person inside your head. If we start looking at something as it is, expectations are set and the chances of getting hurt are lessened.

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