Bad Poetry Weekend #13: Well Hello There, Mr. Inspiration


Inspiration is a bitch, is it not? I read somewhere before you must be the master of inspiration and not the other way around because it will be a motherfucker. Hmm… I think I know that much. 😆

But I find that it is really hard to be up there, up there, you know? However, I also realize it is all a state of mind or maybe a matter of desire. You have to own it and when you do inspiration will come.

Ah, inspiration. You are fickle and flighty. But if I may, it is one reason why it is always a joy seeing you face to face; not often but always delightful. Sometimes I wish I can just bitch slap you and knock you out so you’ll rest in my palm, but I guess not today. Realizing you are there, that you dropped by for the time being, is enough, for now.


How Many Miles To The Sun?

I stood still for a long time, until the greens faded and the blues became bruised.
I did not walk or run until the air I breathe escaped me, until my sides cracked,
And I wanted to move then but it hurt, badly.
It hurt when I moved and I knew now I must suffer, do it the hard way…
But to count the hours I’ve lost and to mourn fo the wasted painless chances, I dare not;
No point looking backwards when my feet are finally forging onwards. Slowly. Slowly,
The lights are changing color, taking a vivid hue, the air rushing back to my lungs reminding
Me I’m still alive. I’m moving. Finally, I’m moving. Walking. Running. Flying.

Photos taken from here and here.

6 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Weekend #13: Well Hello There, Mr. Inspiration

    • you’re sweet, thank you. i actually think most stuff i come up with are crap. 😆 i just do the exercise for myself. i can vent and not vent. say so many things in a few words. it’s nice. there’s also the satisfaction of knowing the specifics are hidden. 😉

  1. Just like some people who post Quotes about being positive, and about trying to be calm, yet, their actions do not reflect what they act. What a pity inspiration they are. We need to have people who really inspire, from the inside, out!

    • maybe they want to be inspired but they are still on the process, that’s why. i can’t really tell, can i? yes, it’s always nice to meet people who are inspiring but i think the best way is to find that well of inspiration within you. somehow. 😆

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