I’d Like To Buy Two Packs Of Belief Please. PLEASE.

no cute

“I love it. You should finish it.”

“I can’t.”

“You can. You cannot not finish now. You have put so much effort into it and have enjoyed getting to where you’re at.”

“I know, but I stopped, just like that.”

“Okay, why did you stop? What’s stopping you?”

“I don’t know.”

“C’mon, you must know.”

“My blog friend told me these things are a matter of belief.”


“And nothing. That’s what he said.”

“You’re telling me half of what he said.”

“If I tell you half of things, it means I don’t know the other half. But that’s it. These things are a matter of belief and I have always had issues with that, like I told you before.”

“You can do it! You. Can. Do. It.”

“I know, but I can’t.”

“Maybe you just need a kick start to get the inspiration. Go back, read everything, and your head will buzz with ideas. Do it now. You’ll probably stay up until 6AM and finish it.”

“I won’t finish it. You have to believe me.”

“Okay, you have to harden up and finish it like the professional that you are.”

“Okay… No, I can’t. I read the entire thing. I didn’t feel well after.”

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8 thoughts on “I’d Like To Buy Two Packs Of Belief Please. PLEASE.

  1. ‘I didn’t feel well after’ – quite a funny line ma’am – hopefully not at your expense!?
    Whoever told you to believe is a smart cookie – you should listen to them.
    If an individual does not believe in themselves, how can they expect anyone else to? Maybe in some instances the belief of another is all a person really needs, but, in the case of writing, I think, as you express PM, that it is a requirement.
    Very nicely written ma’am, and even though you didn’t use word tags, it still flowed incredibly well! 😀

    • thanks, i think you’ve mentioned more than once my low regard for my own writing but oh well. this involves my manuscript, or the lack of progress thereof. idk how the fuck i’ll find it inside me to go on. the last bit, i wish it was an attempt to be funny but i seriously meant it. hey did you get the second line?

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