Bad Poetry Weekend #15: I’m Scared To Death


The first time I listened to this song, I thought it’s foreign and it’s kind of awesome it isn’t. I feel it reflects this Bad Poetry Weekend piece nicely and you can listen to it first before you read the following lines.

Tell me, what can be sadder than knowing your heart is breaking and the only thing you can do is watch it fall apart? What can be sadder than going all the way only to fall short when it mattered? What can be sadder than loving when it doesn’t matter?

Giving up. Yes, giving up.

sad girl

The Conclusion Nobody Wanted

One day
I’ll learn to accept
I’m not enough for you
and I’ll be gone.

You’ll continue
to smile without me
and I’ll keep on trying
without you.

Forget me
you will and I’ll remember
you’re the best
I never had.

I tried
and failed;
maybe you did too
and I’m in denial.

My love,
I hope you find
what you’re looking for
one day.

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16 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Weekend #15: I’m Scared To Death

    • that’s a good song too, i enjoy listening to it. however, i find that this poem is in limbo and the song sad is an ending already as a decision has been made. why are you listening to sad for days?

  1. I remember a song because of the title. Search “Cry” by Maroon Five or maybe this was based on this.

    I hope we can really talk soon. Its always nice having someone to talk to about this stuff. I’ll hear you out.

    Its been a while, my friend. I am sure you miss me. 😀

    • you are right, lj. i do miss you and a lot at that. thank you, my friend, yes we’ll talk one time. i know that song, i love adam levine.

    • it does hurt because it’s true. but we must keep going. must keep trying. yes, the song’s lovely. i enjoy it a lot and find it lends more texture to the poem.

  2. Just as beautiful as the first time I read it, and just as equally emotional. It’s saddening and brutal, but the best poems usually are. Like Poseidon waving his trident above the oceans vast, your words cast their power across the page infinitely with an unstoppable force. Never stop writing ma’am.

    • tragedies are where it’s at. always. because they are more real. thank you, as i mentioned in my message, your words helped me to put this forward in front of the eyes that should see it above all. i’ll keep going. i must. despite of and regardless of what happened.

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