The Shadow Of The Wind Book Review: As Rich As Your Favorite Cake

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Book no. 10: The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon. This is a random buy; the book leapt from the most bottom shelf at the book store and I fell in love with it fast. I’d normally look up titles before getting them but with this one it just happened and I’m so glad!

What it is: The story is similar to the book discussed within it titled The Shadow of the Wind: “about accursed books, about the man who wrote them, about a character who broke out of the pages of a novel so that he could burn it, about a betrayal and a lost friendship. It’s a story of love, of hatred and of the dreams that lived int he shadows of the wind.” Pretty much, Daniel got so engrossed in chasing a book and confused it with his life that the two eventually got tangled inevitably.

Mainly, it’s about life and growth, the birth and death of dreams. young love and broken hearts, plus the most brilliant human ability to hold on to the things that hurt us. I fancied the importance it places on memory, on how it changes the value of a moment, on its huge impact on the present – it’s beautiful.

What I liked about it most though is how The Shadow of the Wind talked about the lust for writing, reading, and books; that there are people who take care of books and honor them the right way. My heart swells thinking of the cemetery of forgotten books and I can only hope to see such a place and get lost and be found.

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What I liked about it: It’s incredible – a seductive story with brilliant setting and rich narration which is every bit like diving into an immaculate red velvet cake. The sharp storytelling lifts your feet and transports you deep into the many subplots of the book as if it’s a Russian doll with never ending secrets to tell. I love the writing really; it captured my imagination, which doesn’t happen mos times. I rank this next to The Book Thief and Fall of Giants, the best books I’ve recently read.

The Shadow of the Wind is so dynamic it’s too easy to let go and believe in it, in the characters, in the story. It’s highly convincing, how the story encapsulated life, and even if it’s high drama I didn’t feel like following a soap opera.

In the book, many kinds of love are explored but what I liked most is the story of Nuria Monfort. The narration makes you believe it’s that of unrequited love but somehow I’m uncertain if such a thing exists. Isn’t it that love is always reciprocated, maybe just not the way we want it to be? I love this description about her too: “Nuria Monfort was like a mirage: you don’t question its veracity, you simply follow it until it vanishes or until it destroys you.

the shadow of the wind quotes

Another powerful concept about The Shadow of the Wind that I appreciate is that on hope. Since it dissected dreams, hope’s sure to make an appearance. This is what it said: “Hope is cruel and has no conscience.” Just keeping it real, I like that, that it didn’t make hope sound like a fanciful unicorn.

The villain, Fumero, is also worth hating. His character’s well constructed as that of the main characters. He makes sense though he’s a total psycho, unlike the pathetic Amy Elliot Dunne from Gone Girl. What a joke.

What I didn’t like about it: I figured who Lain Coubert is too easy and the conclusion of the love life of Daniel is a bit cheesy that it merited my roll eyes, but other than that I’ve no complaints. The Shadow of the Wind is phenomenal!

Recommended for: book lovers, fans of historical fiction, pretty much anybody who wants a good read, make sure you read The Shadow of the Wind.

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