What’s In Front Of You Isn’t Everything


change your perspectiveWhat is it with Fridays? The word busy takes on a new meaning, comes alive, from the people to the roads… Everywhere.

It’s tiring. All the buzz, all the activity. Oh jeez. Exhausting. Why do we even bother with it all? In a few hours Friday will pass, things return to its normal ebb, time will pass, and it’s Friday all over again, full circle. We’re like hamsters on a wheel.

These are my thoughts, staring out the window from the passenger seat. Yes, well you can say I’ve been spending lots of time gazing outside windows, where I’m relatively safe.

Then something happens. My eyes shoot upward and I notice the sky in all its blue, like charming cotton candy from a lively fair. Rolling tufts of clouds around, the kind that tugs at your legs making you want to bounce off them, up, up, then trip, and you’ll laugh that carefree laugh coming all the way inside you sprinting fast towards the light.

Hmm… very interesting, the sensation a slight adjustment in view creates.

Photo taken from here.

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