Bad Poetry Weekend #16: The Theory Of Relativity

don't read between the lines

Isn’t it that nothing is ever truly real? What we see, what we believe in, what we perceive, it’s all in our minds and how we process what’s in front of us. Our reality is simply what we make of it. Seeing what actually is – that’s hard, particularly when it doesn’t agree with what we have in mind.

Sweet, Sweet Lies

Unhinged my tether to reality’s become,
don’t know when or how but I’m certain it’s because of you
and the strongest current that’s my futile passion
which is nothing more than random detail to you,
a passing fancy amusing you in your idleness as a last resort
but I remain for I’m trapped halfway between daydream and nightmare
fooling myself endless you’ll prize me one day,
discounting all evidence why that’s next to impossible
and instead merrily fall in to the swirling vortex of make believe
for the truth doesn’t hurt as much there as staring it directly in your eyes
and I’m able to prolong my happiness despite it being sweet, sweet lies.

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5 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Weekend #16: The Theory Of Relativity

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  2. .. here’s a reply to your post (from one of my old poetic blahs):

    epitome of deceit

    didn’t have the courage

    to say goodbye


    I cannot utter


    I cannot gather

    didn’t have the reason

    to hurt and make you cry


    but I hindered


    but I surrendered

    didn’t have the meaning

    to explain myself

    and tell you why

    didn’t . . .

    for I am full

    of lies ..

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