Ha! I Knew It, I’m Lovely

cute cat with glasses

Mr. Childs got me a present this morning with the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you! I particularly enjoy this blog nomination because lovely is an adjective I tend overuse and having it to describe my blog is kind of cute. πŸ™‚

Okay, so I have to share seven things about me, together with seven nominations. Hmm… that may be hard as I hardly resemble anything remotely interesting. Let’s see…

OMG, I can’t think of anything to share! Hang on, there must be something worth saying here…

one lovely blog award

Well, I can watch food shows all day (1). TLC, Food Network, that kind of stuff, all day long, no complaints. There’s something relaxing about food. My most vivid memory is locking myself inside a hotel room with my friend Rem on a rainy Valentine’s Day and we just sat there eating noodles and watching TLC all day long.

Music’s never been big in my life until last year I think, when I started to really connect and appreciate it as much as I appreciate other forms of art like reading and writing (2.). It’s kind of cool. I love songs with moving lyrics. What I find funny though is how a meaningless song suddenly speaks to you the moment you have a shift in perspective or emotion. Maybe music is similar to books, there’s a magic about it when it comes to your life at the right time.

I enjoy corresponding with blog friends a lot (3.). Before the like button and follows, we used to have this community of blog friends who regularly talk and comment on each other’s posts, so much sometimes I feel I know them more than those around me offline! I miss those times. My blog’s been around too long to see the changes but I find it better before when bloggers make an effort to reach out and say something, forge connections online, which is cool.


My poetry is not cerebral (4.).

Having too many friends never appealed to me. I’d rather have my close group of friends around me who I know love me and I love equally than spend my time on shallow acquaintances. You can say I’m an all or nothing person (5.). Better not to do something than do it half-assed after all.

I don’t have any interest in updating my About page (6.).

Right now, I’m at a point in my life when I’m seeking a Great Perhaps (7.); part of me is motivated and driven while the other part curses the other every other five minutes saying, “You fucking bastard.” πŸ˜†

There you go, I did it! My seven lovely nominees are Elaine, Herminia, Rob, Maria, Christine, Bex, and Tilly.

22 thoughts on “Ha! I Knew It, I’m Lovely

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  3. I have absolutely no idea what this nomination is for, but thank you very much nonetheless. I always look forward to your comments on my posts – and because I’m pretty sure you’re the only one that reads them!

    Thank you again!!!

  4. Interesting post PM. For a woman with nothing to say you have, well, lots to say! πŸ˜€
    I agree with your number 5 PM.
    Number 3 is an interesting insight into your feelings towards the online generation and number 2 is something that I can agree with, although I began to appreciate music more in 2004, so, well, that was a few years before you ma’am.
    I’ve a question PM, and I apologise if I sound unintelligent. With number 4, what do you mean by your ‘poetry is not cerebral’?
    Oh, and your title – brilliant! Made me laugh ma’am – not at your expense though – could never do that.

    • a lot of thinking went into this post, mr. childs. it’s a very serious task. yes, i appreciate it more back in the day, there’s more effort and relationships are built, which is quite nice. not cerebral because it’s more emotional in terms of sourcing. thanks, i particularly enjoyed adding the photo too.

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