Not Incompetent, Here’s A Pikachu Origami As Proof


Last night, I’m able to have decent sleep, the first in a long while, with or without sleeping aid, so I thought I’d be a productive person today, you know, practice responsible adulthood for a change. First thing, I opened my laptop and… found a video on how to make pikachu origami.

There was a time in my life when I was also depressed keen on making paper cranes (my blog friend from Brazil even sent me some to show support) but that was years ago. I don’t even know how to fold paper cranes now. Don’t judge me.

Anyway, this pikachu origami video begins by saying it’s hard and patience is needed. I found a piece of paper 100% believing I won’t be able to pull it together and hit the play button. This is what came off at the end:

pikachu origami

Wow. I never thought pikachu can increase my feelings of competence. I know it’s not much compared to getting financially educated or buying a house but hey, it’s something!

Hmm… how much does this count on responsible adulthood again? Oh well. I regret nothing.

Note: Is it just me or is the edit image window of WP fucked?

21 thoughts on “Not Incompetent, Here’s A Pikachu Origami As Proof

  1. PM! So you did it! The Pikachu origami is soooo cuuuute 🙂 Give yourself a pat on the back, dear. If you think you can’t fold another paper crane, at least you can fold and make more Pikachu’s. Don’t you think so?

    Oh btw, regarding this question of yours: “how much does this count on responsible adulthood again?” I think it counts, because real adults stick to the decisions they make, whatever happens. Just like you deciding to do origami.

    Uhm I hope I made sense here?

  2. Interesting…I would never have assumed you to be a Pokemon fan ma’am. Nice job BTW!
    Oh, and I agree with you about the WP editor – I actually found that out a couple of weeks ago when I was planning on attaching an image to a post. I would recommend using perhaps Adobe Photoshop if you wish to edit images.

    • i enjoyed playing pokemon on the gameboy and i watched the cartoons endless as an adult. it helps me relax. i don’t want to do lots of editing, just resizing and i find when i click on it the edit box does not show anything. i have a problem with my email. when i try to reply to you it shuts off so i need to be on my laptop so i can reply. your email address clearly has issues.

    • you enjoy photography and you happen to be very good at it. yes, i think it helps to calm me down. i can’t be sure but i think i’m also quite agitated the time i got into the paper cranes. pikachu is a pokemon.

  3. .. it is said that origami decreases anxiety levels – though i am not sure if it will work for me! haha.

    .. and one question: is pikachu a boy or a girl?!

    • i guess it does. i never really thought about it much. i only do it because it gives my mind something to focus on, takes it away from other stuff i’d rather not think of. idk the gender of pikachu. maybe there are boy pikachus and girl pikachus.

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