I Get Cows, My Family Doesn’t


Having a weekend family lunch of bistek Tagalog (some kind of Asian beef steak thingy):

Me: The meat’s kind of tough. (Chews maniacally)

Mother Goose: I’ll see what I can do about it later.

Don Domeng: It’s not too bad… (Takes another bite) Yes, it’s tough.

Me: Did you know the less stress a cow experiences, the better tasting the meat? This cow must be so damned stressed.

Don Domeng: Why on Earth would the cow be stressed?

Me: Idk, maybe it’s noisy or something.

Maj: This beef is giving me a stomachache.

Photo taken from here.

9 thoughts on “I Get Cows, My Family Doesn’t

  1. This reminded me of what my mom told me about the cow getting stressed idea once. She even mentioned that for cows to have good meat, they only eat corn.

  2. Maybe the meat that was used was not the right one. There are parts that are tough, and they are supposed to be stewed , for like 2 hours. The cut that we buy for this dish is carne asada, already cut thin , ready for bbq or grilling.

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