The People You Meet Not In Heaven

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There are three kinds of people. I’ve always believed in this. Essentially, there are good people, bad people, and monsters. It’s amazing how much bad people there are on this planet but you’ll be blown away by the sheer number of monsters… and most days, they don’t even look like monsters, which makes it all tricky because people don’t come with warnings and at worst, you’ll learn who they really are when it’s too late. But that’s life. Damn it, I hate that expression.


I’m not going to pull the negative cloud over our heads. Actually, what I want to talk about today is the most interesting phenomenon that’s been happening to me lately. It seems I’ve been stumbling upon good people, one day after another. Either I’ve had my eyes closed for a long time or I’ve just been in the wrong place, but I’m quite overwhelmed at how nice these people I’ve been meeting are.

We all know about my social skills so I’m sure you realize how big it is saying this for me. It’s just really cool. Also, I believe it comes with a certain degree of openness on my end because normally I’ll be too freaked out to even say hi. Lately, I see myself pushing the boundaries more and more and I can only be happy with the results.

Wow, I mean wow.

I never thought I can actually do this. While I’m still quite certain preschoolers are better at this whole socialization thing that I am, I’m pretty pleased with myself and I’m only willing to do more just because I can. Good job!

Pleasure to meet you, my name’s PM. 🙂

8 thoughts on “The People You Meet Not In Heaven

  1. not good at socializing myself, but as i grew older, it’s easier to see the goodness in “some” people. i’ve met some really “rotten” ones too.

    • hi kayni, long time! yes, we have to try, don’t we? it’s hard when you meet rotten ones but i guess we just have to stay away 🙂

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