Bad Poetry Weekend #18: The Truth Sets You Free Only After It Pisses You Off


What do you know, some things just refuse to go away. After a long break, here we have the not-so-awaited return of Bad Poetry Weekend. Sorry my friends, but please bear with my pathetic attempts to write poetry lest I implode.

The theme of this piece is stupidity 😆 I mean, that saying on how you lose your mind in following your heart sometimes. Love is a funny thing, isn’t it? Essentially, it fucks you up in the head good and makes it look like you even owe it for doing so.

It’s like you know the truth but you lie to yourself just because. Your senses have been so heightened they dull. Oh well. If you don’t go crazy from time to time then what is there to hope for? 😉

Half Of My Heart

I don’t know
which is sadder:
me not asking for what I deserve
you being selfish to the bone?

Tell me, please
which is more tragic:
me waiting for a miracle
you blatantly saying they are none?

I’m having two minds,
which knifes worse:
me believing this is life
you convinced there is life after this?

which corrodes the soul faster:
me staying despite of you
you running regardless of me?

9 thoughts on “Bad Poetry Weekend #18: The Truth Sets You Free Only After It Pisses You Off

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      • You are not wrong ma’am – this was a great start. Of course, I’m the worst person to ask – I’m bias to you because I like your work…
        I’m not bad thank you Ma’am, how are you? This is my last week of University this semester – year’s gone by so fast! Hope you are well Ma’am! Take care PM! And good luck with the continuation of your literary work!

        • thank you, happy to know you’re alright. good luck with the last days of school. i’ll try to write more. my 50 words posts are what i enjoy doing lately though.

  2. Reading poetry is refreshing after reading usual blog posts and articles written by columnists in newspaper. For me your composition is meaningful, malaman. =)

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